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Purveyor of purviews.

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Great interview of the founder of Slashdot by the founder of Metafilter.

Particularly strong is the final paragraph.

"We’re crippling the next generation in the name of quarterly profits. Creativity and innovation requires more balance."

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Taken November 6, 2011.

This house is always the first to turn on their Christmas lights and one of the last to turn them off. And the lights are kept strung up, sloppily, all year long.

I almost just wished a trick-or-treater "Merry Christmas." And I'm not even dressed as a department store!

Random memory this morning: CD Now. And one that even fewer people will remember: Pentagon Music.

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Such a great track, combining free jazz elements with Bitches Brew-esque fusion funk.

Super quick initial thoughts about the Kindle Touch:

It's really cool to see they dropped the price of the Kindle 3 (now just the "Kindle") to a mere $80. I figured the price would drop to $99 by year's end, but down to $79? That's pretty crazy.

And, you know, I don't know if I'd opt for a Kindle Touch if I were buying now. I actually like not having a touchscreen on my Kindle -- after the year or so I've had it, not a single smudge or fingerprint on it. And I prefer having the tactile keyboard, even if it does complicate the design a bit. Any minor issues I have with the Kindle are UI-related and not so much with the hardware itself.

$79. Man.

(ETA: Ah, it looks like the new-old Kindle is coming out without a physical keyboard as well. And the $79 price is ad-supported. But still.

The wireless-only keyboard version is $99.)

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NY folks: high school friend Phil set up this great event (featuring Paul Miller/DJ Spooky): The Art of Climate Science: Antarctica at the NY Academy of Sciences.

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Looks good! Some pretty clever ideas in there.

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Great new track (and video) from Evidence, produced by DJ Premier.
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