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We just finished a full rewrite of Jajuk packaging ( for Debian, RPM-based Linux, OSX, Windows and source package). It will be available in upcoming 1.11.

More details at

The build scripts are now much lighter, easier to understand and to evolve. Dependencies adding or removal are now transparent. No more partial Maven or alien to build packages, everything is done with two ant scripts.

A lot of cleanup has also been done into unix launch scripts.

You can test it at

Jajuk 1.10.9 has been proposed under Debian unstable (SID). Many thanks to the Debian team (Felix Natter and all the packagers of previous releases)

Help required from Windows 10 users :

Could you please launch Jajuk (1.10.8 preferably ) and tell us if you can see the systray (the small icon in the taskbar) and tell us if it works as expected ?
-> a left click should show/hide the main window and a right click should open a menu with many options and searches.

Thanks for your help

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Jajuk 1.10.8 has been released !

It comes with 12 bug fixes (see the changelog at

Due to Substance library upgrade [1], we'll now require JRE 1.7.

IMO, it's a good thing to stop Java 6 support, it is no more supported by Oracle.

I'll make the changes in the scripts, code and manuals for upcoming 1.10.8.


We are planning to drop the systray support on upcoming Jajuk 1.11 ake "Deep Blue" because of bad support on more and more platforms.

What do you think ?

We finished to backport the full Jajuk manual to the new website. Many others pages have also been refreshed or augmented.
Find them at

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We switched to our brand new website hosted by GitHub. It is available at
Hope you'll like it.

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We're swithing from our old jajuk server aka 'solaria' (an old kimsufi at 20€ VTA inc / month) to a new OVH Kimsufi KS2 (aka helicon) at 12€ TVA inc / month . It's twice power powerfull and will spend ways less energy to operate. It runs a Debian 7. .Check . The migration will be done over several weeks. Please report any issue with Jajuk websites.
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