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Hi all,

A few friends and I have been playing PbtA games at our friendly local gaming store, the Brooklyn Strategist in Carroll Gardens, NYC, for a few months now. It's usually 3-4 of us. We were wondering if there would be interest in a twice-monthly meetup for more people.

We've played DW, AW, and we're looking to try out Freebooters on the Frontier. We usually play the first and third Thursdays of the month.

I'm just wondering how many NYC folks would be interested in playing in a regular game.

Any opinions on having players make moves without telling them the outcomes right away?

I'm thinking of, for example, what would happen if the players inhaled spores from a mind-controlling plant. A custom move might be:

When you inhale mind-control spores, roll+con. On a 10+, you're fine and immune to further infection. On a 7-9, you're not infected but you're not immune. On a 6-, you're infected.

If the PCs don't know they've been infected by a mind-control plant, telling them would ruin that. On the other hand, it takes away a bit of their agency.

How would y'all handle this?

Does anyone know the origin of "Embracing No Form," the Druid move? It sounds so familiar to me, but I can't place it. I thought Ghost Dog at first, but didn't hear it in there, and then I thought maybe it came from a Yukio Mishima poem, but no dice there, either.

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Here's an item my PCs might discover next session, based on (or, more accurately, stolen wholesale from) the manga Berserk:

Berserker Armor 3 armor, worn, clumsy, 4 weight

A suit of blood-stained black armor that allows its wearer to fight on past normal limits by nullifying pain. When you're reduced to 0 HP but not killed outright (eaten by a dragon, stepped on by a giant, etc.), you may instead bump yourself up to 1 HP and delay taking your Last Breath until the end of combat. When you take your Last Breath, take -1 to the roll. You may delay your Last Breath up to five times per combat, taking -1 to the roll each time you do. If you delay a sixth time, you automatically fail your Last Breath.


Hey all, thinking of starting a PW game and was wondering if there's any expanded "random place" and "random region" tables already existing. Would love to have more than 50 options per place/adjective/noun. Thanks in advance!

This item is designed to encourage my paladin to act a little more paladin-y.

Adamu's Bulwark

If you are a paladin, when you undertake a quest, in addition to whatever vows the GM says are required, take the following vow: Innocence (forbidden: to harm an innocent*). You take +2 armor until your quest ends. If you harm an innocent, your quest ends automatically and you take -1 forward until you redeem yourself. *GM defines "an innocent." If you are not a paladin, the shield functions as normal.


Custom move for rallying the troops

Hi all,

I'm a fairly new GM, both to DW and RPGs in general. I'll be having my third DW session soon, and was wondering if I could get some input on a custom move (if you're Jonathan or David, stop reading this now!)

At some point, I expect my PCs to try to rally a group of soldiers to fight a big baddy. Thing is, the baddy will have announced that he's sent his own minions to the place where the soldiers' families are staying. Knowing my players, I think they'll try to argue that the soldiers should stick around and help kill the big baddie because then his minions will also die (he's magic that way), thus saving their families. But that's a risk, since they don't know for sure the minions will croak along with their master. Here's the move I came up with:

When you rally the troops in the face of threat and terror, roll+CHA. On a 10+, the soldiers’ wills are steeled. On a 7-9, you must promise them that their families won’t be harmed. If your promise isn’t kept, the soldiers will hate you permanently. On a 6-, most of them flee.

The idea for this is that, if the PCs get a partial success, they have to reassure their allies that everything will be OK -- not knowing that it will be. And if they gamble wrong, there will be permanent consequences, and the quest won't turn out as well as they'd hoped.

What do you guys think?
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