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What a mess.

Whiting must go.
#TJ13 FIA in regulation shambles again #F1

The Italian GP saw the farce that is the FIA’s relationship with Formula One at a new level. Given the uproar over Pirelli tyres following Spa, wild claims that drivers’ lives are on the line, the FIA decided to ensure the age old habit of team’s…

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Serpentine Dam, Western Australia #Landscape

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Not sure how this will all play out yet.
#F1 Mercedes is "leaving the door open" to supplying Red Bull with engines in the future amid rumours a deal could be brokered via luxury car brand Aston Martin.

Wolff: "There are many things to be considered. What happens if Renault decides to have its own team and buy another team? Will they continue to supply Toro Rosso and Red Bull, and if not what are the solutions? Who is going to supply them in order to make sure they stay in the sport? What does it mean for us, because until now they were the enemy? Maybe there is a new enemy. What does it mean in the great scheme of things in politics and the balance of things? There are no discussions and there are no discussions ongoing and nothing has been started, but you need to consider all the options. I'm leaving the door open."

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Will they stay or will they go... #F1
#TJ13 Renault #F1 future announcement, imminent

Renault are close to announcing their future in Formula One. There has been much debate over the French engine manufacturers response to finding themselves behind the curve on developing the new V6 Turbo Hybrid engine they pushed the FIA hard to…

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What is wrong with #F1?

It's not the hybrid engines
It's not the tyres
It's not the fuel flow

It's the aero rules. The reliance on the front and rear wings and all the small air flow devices on the car to generate downforce that only work in clean air is the problem. We need cars that can follow right behind another car and still be able to corner.

That means a reduction in the number and size of elements on the front and rear wing and an increase in the downforce generated from the floor of the car.

Via:@Kunal Shah

"Except for Max Verstappen and his bold maneuvers on track, I got bored during the broadcast of the 2015 Chinese Grand Prix. Okay, I admit, Pastor Maldonado entertained too, in parts. But that was it! Post-race, I wondered, what’s wrong with Formula1? And I couldn’t find a direct answer.
After a drab 2014 Formula1 Season, we have two marquee manufacturer teams battling for wins on track – Ferrari vs. Mercedes. In this, we have (yet) two World Champions fighting at the front – Vettel vs. Hamilton, not so typical a script for Formula1 for the last few seasons. We also have another former World Champion (Raikkonen) in a Ferrari trying to find his way to the front; not to mention, the other Mercedes driver (Rosberg) who desperately wants to win his first World Championship too. My point is that we finally have a battle of sorts to follow.

Add to this mix, Mclaren are patiently trying to script their comeback with Honda. That Alonso and Button are fighting hard to avoid the last two slots in the race classification is fun to watch too. We also have a competitive Williams – after nearly a decade and Toro Rosso, who seem faster than Red Bull Racing. All in all, there are battles (however small) taking place for nearly every position on the grid.

We also have fresh talent who have impressed (yet) in their debut season – Nasr, Sainz Jr., Verstappen and maybe Ericsson too. When we interviewed David Coulthard on the Inside Line F1 Podcast, he admitted that the newer formula is relatively easier to drive, but that is beside the point. The younger drivers have battled hard and have entertained us well, of course, scored much needed points for their teams."


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A Daily Round up of Formula One news, inside whispers, opinion and comment. Today, OTD Lite 1971 – Happy Birthday DC Rosberg – Unfair to suggest Mercedes as dominant as 2014 Button supports the team against Alonso Vettel will not pander to Mercedes PR…

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Holy crap.

Has Homer Simpson been employed by IndyCar to design their aero kits?

That is a right mess.
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