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Daniel Spithout
Longtime Webaholic, Manager Solutions and Architecture at CSC, Most important: Dad of 3 beautiful kids!
Longtime Webaholic, Manager Solutions and Architecture at CSC, Most important: Dad of 3 beautiful kids!

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Serious Bad News for earth...

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Fonts de la favara....
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Today's XKCD talks about why Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics were written in that particular order. I'd argue that there's considerably more to it than that, especially when we consider these laws as principles of human ethics, not just robot programming guides. This post dives in to the consequences of that.

One of the aspects which strikes me the most is our emotional discomfort with moral orderings that put protecting yourself above protecting others from harm. People feel socially uncomfortable saying that they would do so in public (for the obvious reason that other people would likely reciprocate), but in the moment of truth, it's quite common for people to protect themselves – and in fact, there are only a few cases in which we treat people like they have an actual duty to protect others. (Parents and emergency responders being the two most obvious examples)

But I suspect that this is why people keep being fascinated with the question of the ethics of self-driving cars. When we ourselves are driving, we can talk about how we would certainly get into a crash to protect a pedestrian or the like, but we know that in the moment of a crash, we would have the final decision and could not be second-guessed. A self-driving car, on the other hand, would require that these decisions be specified in advance.

Would you rather tell your car to kill you rather than risk the lives of others, or to kill others while protecting you?

The interesting thing about computer ethics is that you can't talk around the question: you're going to have to pick one in advance.

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Post has shared content the new ad ... This is a whole new CSC :-)
Speaking of Zuckerberg... Get Your #HybridCloud Swerve On

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Send your name tot mars... Much safer then flying your self.... I am no martian just yet....

Did anyone already find out why the faces functionality is not enabled outside the US... Or at least not in all countries? I think it is an awesome feature but unfortunately not enabled in the Netherlands for some unknown reason...

Does anyone notice that the LG watch r seams to get better and better battery life ... not sure what happened but I am almost 8 hours of battery and I still have 96% left according to my watch ... or this is an error or this is amazing battery life....

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Finally Google integrates google plus photo's into drive....   I have been waiting for this one for a really long time ....   Although I really love putting all my photo's in the cloud I also would love to have a local copy (I am old fashioned that way) ... and with this it looks like it is finally possible in an easy way ... and this doens't mean I go away from google photo's ... no it means I now have really no reason to leave any more. Thank you!

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Cool almost missed this ... but I was actually featured on TNT (at 36 minutes and 8 seconds in :-)
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