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Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions.
Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions.


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How to Fix The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID {9E175B6D-F52A-11D8-B9A5-505054503030} and APPID {9E175B9C-F52A-11D8-B9A5-505054503030} to the user in Windows 10 Event ID 10016
It feels good to be back after such a long hiatus! Today we are going to go over an error I have noticed pop up on Windows 10 with the Anniversary and the Creators Update. This error can cause Windows Login to take much longer then it should, and it fills y...

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Updates Make Windows 7 and 8 Spy On You Like Windows 10
Hi everyone! I apologize for my hiatus, life has been busy. That being siad, im back to regular updates! As everyone knows, Windows 10 was launched in July 2015 to much fanfare. As with everything else, some people like it, some people hate it. I have yet t...

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How To Schedule Windows Defender/Microsoft Security Essentials Virus Definition Updates
Hi! , Sorry for my month long hiatus on posting, I have been a bit busy as of late. However, today we are going to look into how to automatically schedule  Virus Definition Updates on Windows Defender on Windows 8/8.1 and Microsoft Security Essentials on Wi...

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How To Safely Overclock and Stress Test Your CPU
  As most PC enthusiasts and builders have noticed today, CPU makers have made overclocking a CPU pretty easy in comparison to days past. It is no longer strictly a "geek affair"  to overclock a CPU. For the most part, the days of messing with raising the F...

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The Biggest Annoyance In The Elder Scrolls Online - Boss Farming
We are now a few weeks into the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online. While the game has had a few bumps in the road during the initial stages (Server downtime, maintenance during peak hours, quest related bugs, and spammers), Overall,  I feel the game itself...

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How To Monitor PC Temperatures In Real-Time While Gaming
As a PC gamer, its often important to be able to monitor the temps of your CPU, GPU, motherboard, etc. Its also useful to be able to monitor fans speeds and CPU/GPU core clocks. However, most of the temperature monitoring programs you find online don't inte...

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The Elder Scrolls Online Beta - An Honest Review
Today, we are going to take a look at the highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls Online. The game, which is slated to be released in April of 2014, has been spiking quite a bit of controversy online in recent weeks. It is being compared to other MMO's, and wh...

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What does AMD Application Power Manangement (APM) and HPC Mode BIOS Settings do?
Today, we are going to talk about the Application Power Management (APM Master Mode) and HPC Mode (High Performance Computing) BIOS settings that are available on many AMD Motherboards using Socket AM3+ CPU's. It seems there is a lot of misinformation on th...

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Are Facebook, Twitter, And Other Social Networks Just Internet Noise?
Are Facebook, Twitter, And Other Social Networks Just Internet Noise? In last 5 years, we have seen an explosion in the use of social networks. Nearly everyone today from kids to grandmothers have a Facebook account. Twitter has really come on as a quick wa...

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How To Prevent Duplicate Content in Google And Other Search Engines on Blogger
In my short time blogging on Blogger, I have run into an interesting issue that seems very common. It seems by default, that Blogger blogs will allow archive pages and in some cases even post labels or categories to be indexed by search engines.This is not ...
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