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Chipotle says "No" to GMOs
As of April 2015, Chipotle is officially the first fast food restaurant in America to ever use food that is non-GMO, (meaning genetically modified). I believe that this major step Chipotle took will begin to also change other fast food corporations, especia...

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Keeping up with the Age of Technology
Forget about your neighbor "the Jones'"; it's all about Keeping up with Apple now. Their desire to constantly and rapidly change the world of technology has made it almost impossible [for me] to keep up. I have the iPhone 5s which is only a year old, and no...

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Addressing Race on the Bachelorette
Up until two weeks ago, I had never seen The Bachelor or Bachelorette before. I was incredibly skeptical about watching it because the idea of a man or woman picking their "soul mate" pretty much based on looks doesn't seem like a genuine way to meet your h...

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The Circle of Media and Poverty
After spending the past week in AS learning about social classism, I stumbled upon an article by Charles Blow titled " The President, Fox News and the Poor ," that seemed to fit perfectly with this topic. President Obama spoke on a panel, at Georgetown univ...

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The Debate on Affirmative Action
The ongoing debate of affirmative action in higher education is a very tricky subject, because both sides are greatly affected whether it's taken away or not. There needs to be a way to find a "happier" medium and find a better solution than discrimination....

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Chocolate Core
Coming from a predominantly white neighborhood and highschool, I have been very interested with the idea that upperclass white people tend to stray from poorer, more diverse neighborhoods, to escape from possibility of living amongst black, Latino, and othe...

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Rise in college tuition...why?
When I say college tuition, you say insanely expensive! Yes, I know this is not exactly new news, although recently I've been questioning why  a college tuitions cost so much. I believe that everyone deserves an education, and the fact that money is the mai...

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A Feminist Approach to Basketball
It's the big final four this weekend: arguably one the most exciting time of the most exciting sporting event of the year. More people watch the NCAA tournament than they do the Super Bowl, but did you know that, at the same time,  there's also a women's fi...

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The Blank Box
I'd like to start this blog off with a question: What does "political correctness" mean to you? (Don't worry, there's no correct answer here.) In terms of the " wake of Charlie Hebdo ", it's important to never forget the atrocities that occurred several mon...

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Madness during March Madness
Why aren't college athletes paid? This year's March Madness has really emphasized the fact that talented, hard-working athletes don't get paid a cent for their efforts. Each year, the NCAA generates a whopping $771 million, none of which goes to the actual ...
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