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Jo-Ellen Duval
I make no apologies for the person I've worked hard to become.
I make no apologies for the person I've worked hard to become.


Unfortunately due to many work emergencies lately, I was not able to attend any of the PMI meetings I was originally planning to.

Once I realized I would not be able to attend a meeting, I knew exactly the project I wanted to post about. The Big Dig. Originally from the Boston area myself, this project was a huge part of my life, and anyone's life who lived near Boston, or who commuted into the city, or had a family member commuting into the city.

Driving in Boston is truly a disaster, and speaking from personal experience, the Big Dig did nothing to alleviate the mess. Glad to be in San Diego :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Team 1 found some interesting articles relating to planning to share with the class. The 1st two are related, and pertain to the planning mishap the new apple headquarters had, and the second pertains to why planning is key to successful project management!

Team #1 has chosen the deck project! The objectives of this project are to build a modern backyard desk to our clients specifications and desires, as well as the design teams recommendations. We aim to not exceed our budget, and allow for at least a 20% profit. Our general contractor will ensure OSHA standards are followed, and our goal is for zero safety mishaps. Permits and approvals will be obtained from all stakeholders prior to construction. This project begins on April 23rd, 2017, and will be completed no later than June 6th, 2917. Our current budgetary estimate is around $16,600.00.

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AFC-ya later!
On August 16th, I "ran" the AFC Half Marathon.  It was by far, my personal worst.  It really solidified for me that Big Sur will be my last big race.  I just do not want to run that full marathon in January.  I don't want to put my body through that.  And I...
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I don't love running.
What the title says.  I don't love running.  I think that's why I have never been able to call myself a "Runner."   I feel like runners love it, that's their sport, it's fun for them.  It's not fun for me, and it never has been.  Sure, I run, a lot, but I'm...
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La Jolla, you beautiful bitch.
So I realized recently that I haven't written a La Jolla recap.  I'm sure anyone who is reading this already knows, it did not go well.  I still finished under the 3 hour time limit, so I can't complain too much, but all in all, it was a fucking mess. In th...
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So...that's happening...
I've been putting off signing up for the Carlsbad Full Marathon (2016) because of my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome  (EDS). Lately, my joints have been feeling worse than normal, and I've been in more pain than I am typically in. It's usually associated with runnin...
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You Know What Grinds My Gears - Edition 2 - "Slang"
So you’re an adult.  It’s
time to start acting like one.  Or more accurately,
speaking like one.  Few things “grind my
gears” more than when I hear grown men and women (it’s usually/mostly women…)
using “slang” from the list below.  You
are not a child, you...
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Carlsbad Half Marathon X2 REEEMMIIXXXXX
So I ran my second half marathon.  After saying I probably wouldn’t do
another.  And I’m already signed up for 2
more, with plans to run a full (unless my body fails me…which it really has a
habit of doing). It went pretty well. 
It could have gone better, ...
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30 by 30
A short while ago, I said something I have never said
before, and it kind of freaked me out.   I
said, “I’m almost 30.”   And in theory, I
am.   I turned 28 in November 2014.   I have just under 2 years until I turn the
big 3-0.   I think I’ve accomplished ...
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