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ClearHorizon Miniatures
15mm Sci-Fi Miniatures, Hel/Div SpecOps Troopers, Drops Pods and more.
15mm Sci-Fi Miniatures, Hel/Div SpecOps Troopers, Drops Pods and more.

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Coming soon… the Hell Diver's Recon Assault Transport – RAT. Multi-part Resin Kit.  The Roof, gunner and top gun are separate. 
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Last Day for the Kickstarter! We're at 205% of our goal and this is your last day to get a great deal on two new armies! Check out these great WIP (many about 70% done) pictures of the Hura Technocracy and Epsilon Squads including heavy weapons and mechs!

Here is a bunch of WIP pictures of various sculpts.  Remember, many of these will be refined in the coming weeks as well and are missing arms or hands or other details.  The heads have just been placed on to give an idea of what it looks like.

Pledge Today!
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Hi everyone,

We've gotten our restock in and everything is back in stock!
For a limited time promotion all orders over $125 will get free shipping worldwide!

Also, use the coupon code 5OFF to get 5% off your order (not including sale items or item bundles). You can even combine with the free shipping offer!

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Hi everyone!

Our kickstarter has two weeks to go and is already at 150%!

We've already unlocked the first three stretch goals, and only two to go!

Check out our kickstarter for more info:

Thanks for looking! :)

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A little over two weeks to go for our 15mm Sci-Fi Kickstarter and we're oh so close to the last three stretch goals, pledge today to get some awesome figures (and at a nice discount!). 

All backers will get a coupon code for the regular shop and we'll combine shipping! 

I'll have the WIP pics for the Hura Poses on Wednesday!
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The Kickstarter is Up and Running! Check out the different pledge levels and all the different reward options as well! As we hit funding goals I'll be getting feedback from backers to help steer the direction of the miniatures as well! Thanks for your support!

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ClearHorizon Miniatures Releases the 15mm Mercenary Soldiers and Colonial Militia Pack!

These 15mm scale miniatures come 8 to a pack and contain:
6 x Riflemen
1 x Support Gunner
1 x Command/Special Weapon

Sculpted by the very talented PF, they are available now in single squad packs for $7.99 or two-squad packs for $14.99

Available from

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More info coming soon! 

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An APE and Omega Squad member comparisson picture.

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