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Gold is a bit more worthless than silver was over most of the history of the article as silver did have an industrial use for most of the 20th Century as silver halides used in photography. Kodak, Fuji, Ilford and to a lesser extent Agfa and GAF went through tons of silver making film emulsions until digital killed the analogue star.

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A new Dawn.
Re: I
think I’m in love with you Dawn. It takes guts to post something like
this because you just know that you are essentially ringing a dinner
bell for all the Trolls to answer. I...

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I’ve been following #gamergate, tracking it on Salon,
Pandagon, We Hunted The Mammoth, and others. I’ve watch Sharkeerian’s
videos on gaming tropes. It’s been an education and an obsession. The
take away is that #gamergate is a hate group. Thankfully I d...
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