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Ken Wah
A drug-dealer (pharmacist) who likes to take photos!!
A drug-dealer (pharmacist) who likes to take photos!!

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Me wants all of them but Sony A6000 would be more than enough! :D #CBholidaygiveaway

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When the light is fading, and the darkness comes, there will always be something that retains or reflects light, and 100% of the time they are the most beautiful thing in this world.

I have been really quiet lately, when all my photographer friends are seeing lots of opportunities and success. Featured on TV, magazines, selling prints, workshops, winning awards etc. The old me would be red with envy and be miserable, but now I am happy for them instead. Because I am going to focus on a different path for my photography, and I know my time will come. I have plans, I just need to put them in place. (If I ever find the time and motivation to do it!)

It's only Thursday night but happy weekend everyone!

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Here's my selection of photos from the walk. (Finally). Nothing too exceptional, so not sure which one to use to enter the comp.
Worldwide Photowalk 2014
14 Photos - View album

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Project 52: 32 - "Pray"
Sorry I haven't been on here much. Life's a bit too hectic for me at the moment. :)
Today's photo is another street art found in one of the side alleyways in Adelaide City. There's great art everywhere you go, you just gotta know where to look!
#street #streetart #graffiti #graffitiart #graffitiphotography #graffitistreetart #adelaide #southaustralia  

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Hi everyone! I need everyone's help! I've started a crowd funding campaign to try and help me kickstart my photography business. Please head over to the page and see what this is all about, and I would be forever grateful if you donate (however small amount), or even just spread the word around so that I can reach my target! I'll also post frequent updates about my plans for the future and how I plan to do it!
Thanks in advance!
#kickstartercampaign #gofundme #gofundmefundraisers #photography #business  

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Project 52: 31 - "Tomb of The Forgotten"
One of the many ruins in the Angkor Wat compound. Definitely want to go back in the future to shoot more!

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Project 52: 30 - "Cool Cat"

The thing that I really love about Melbourne is you find art at every corner. This cool looking motorcycle was just parked in one of the many lanes. That in combination of the cat on the wall makes for such a special shot that I abandoned my queue to go in a restaurant to take this!

#melbourne #victoria #australia #motorcycle #cat #art #streetart #travel  

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Project 52: 29 - "The Wise One"

Hey all! Today I'd like to share with everyone a beautiful shot of this beautiful soul. She was sitting in one of the many corridors of ancient Angkor Wat, waiting for tourists to pass by so that she can give blessings to them for a little donation.

She was very kind to have let me photograph her, and I knew straightaway from her smile that she is a wise one, one that I have to respect. And my tribute is to make this photo look as good as possible!

From her eyes, I see a life of hardship, a life of happiness, a life of contentment, and most important of all, a life of love. It is as if the troubles and worries of this world, including wars etc does not bother her at all. She is indeed, The Wise One.

#travel #travelphotography #travelphotos #love #angkorwat #cambodia #cambodiatravel #smile  

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Project 52: 28 - "Under The Tree of Heart"

First off, thank you anonymous who agreed to pose for me for this shot. I could not say how much I appreciate how you help me in creating this unique and cool photo!

Technically this is a super hard shot to nail, in terms of composition, the size and ratio of the photo itself, the size of the actual alley, the available light, and the actual post processing. It is a 9 shot vertorama, and stitching them together almost killed my laptop.

But it was all worth it in the end! Even though it doesn't follow a lot of the golden rules of photography, and the size and ratio of the photo is not very pleasing to the eyes, I think I did a pretty good job at getting what I was trying to achieve in the first place! What do everyone think? Let me know!

#melbourne #australia #graffiti #graffitiart #graffitiphotography #graffitistreetart #hosierlane #travelphotography #travelphotos #cool #streetart  

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Project 52: 27 - "Tranquility"

Once in a very long while comes a photo that does not require any description at all. This is one of them.

#travel #travelphotography #travelphotos #vietnam #halongbay #halongbayvietnam #halongbaytravel #halongbaycruise #water #sea #bay #cruise #boat #ship #bluehour #nature
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