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Dave Shrein
I am a blogger, leader, communicator, social media fan and I like a good cup of coffee
I am a blogger, leader, communicator, social media fan and I like a good cup of coffee

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Happy hour is great. The lunch menu is great - it's all GREAT!!!!
Happy Hour at 1455 American Grill in Gilbert

We are still surprised how many folks haven’t heard that we have happy hour!

Ask for the Happy Hour menu when you’re in between 3pm and 6pm Monday through Friday.

If you can't make it in for happy hour, you can see our entire menu here:

#HappyHourBetterWithFriends #GilbertFood

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Two super great gals! Love working on my computer at 1455 with these two hanging out, taking care of me!
Happy Friday! See you tonight!

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You could probably name three people who have made you doubt your gifts and abilities. Not because of anything they did to you but because when you see how they succeed you don't believe you can achieve their same level of success...

I can name three people too. I wrote this piece as an encouragement for you and a reminder for me.

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You look back on the years of your youth and how you wish you could go back and change the relationship with your family. It's natural - no one realizes the long term impact on their family life when they're 14 years old.

I am the oldest of four children and I treated my siblings terribly. I am grateful that our family has been one showing grace that refuses to quit. I hope that my screw ups as an older brother and the love that my siblings have extended to me inspires you to either show grace to your family members who have screwed up or to realize that you're not defined by your past and you can change your approach to loving family today!

Read all about it here,

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How about the next time you have an event you want people to sign up for I deliver you 500 people who are immediately interested?

That's what email can do for your business and organization.

Tomorrow at 10am PDT we will break down how email is going to help you connect you more deeply to your stakeholders and grow your influence!!!

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Just a little something from my blog for people who get frustrated by comparing their achievements with others.
There's no point in lying. There are people online who I see and pass judgement on. I'll think to myself, "how they heck did they get that opportunity and I haven't gotten an opportunity like that?"

Something tells me that I'm not alone, either.

For some reason we have wired ourselves to compare what we know to be true about ourselves with what we see from others. It's not healthy and it's not helpful, but it's so hard to break away from.

If you look at your success and find yourself comparing it to the success of others - this one's for you...

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Anyone remember those days as a teenager when you looked at your peers and tried to live up to whatever it was they were doing, living up to or expected you to do or live up to?

For me those days are rarer but I still find myself comparing my success to others when really I need to be comparing myself to who I was yesterday and who I want to become tomorrow.

Micromanagement: don't do it.

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My new photo for my personal google plus page!

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Social media, and Periscope specificially, may seem like a waste of time if you're not able to make money. The first weeks of the social streaming platform had many potential users declining to participate because they thought, "I can't make money doing that." 

The truth is, you can make money and you can make a lot of it, but just like your business, it's not a short game.

You're most likely working super hard to launch a dream career that always seemed out of reach and you see Periscope as a way to get your name out there, but how will it actually translate into cash and help you go from part time dreamer to full time entrepreneur.

In this Periscope Hangout +Dave Shrein and +Erin Smith talk all about what a successful strategy for business looks like when including Periscope into the conversation.
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