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And here is another (shorter) story I wrote for our November issue
about a little known part of the immigration debate that prevents hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants from earning a pay check. As one source in my story asks, "What sort of country is this that brings people in but doesn't give them equal rights?"

Read it here:

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Just realized I forgot to share my latest stories on Google+. Here is my first feature for Marie Claire about rape on college campuses. Here's one quote from the story that I find particularly haunting: "I don't particularly like phrasing it this way, but in a purely statistical sense, a college campus is a pretty safe place to commit a sexual assault from the perspective of a rapist. Your odds of having anything serious happen to you are really, really small," said one expert.

Read the full story here:

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My latest:

"For some students, the difficulty in choosing a school sometimes leads to making no decision at all. On Decision Day, increasing numbers of students are paying deposits at two, three or even four schools so they can hold their places while they decide — or while they hold out to see if they get off the waitlist at their dream school. Colleges call it “summer melt” and plan for a certain percentage of committed freshmen to essentially drop out before the first day of school."

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I wrote about my home state! 

“We talk about a boat in eastern Washington, we’re talking about a row boat with a set of oars on it that we take fishing on the little lakes. If you talk about a boat in western Washington, you’re talking about a yacht.”

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An online teaser for my magazine story on international adoption: 

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Here is a link to my story on international adoption in this week's magazine, but alas, it's only available to subscribers online. Grab a copy if you can—I'm really proud of this one.

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I'm going back to school. ...for work:

"On the plus side, MOOCs are free, open to anyone and taught by professors at prestigious universities. On the downside, they have low completion rates, and critics questions the utility of students being graded by their peers. TIME is enrolling in several of these classes to see what all the fuss is about."

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My latest on the continuing drama at UVA:

"Trustees at the University of Virginia voted unanimously on Tuesday to reinstate the president they ousted just two weeks ago. But while the decision to restore Teresa Sullivan to the position she had held since August 2010 brings to an end days of swirling uncertainty, speculation and campus protests, the issues the drama brought to the forefront are likely to echo across college campuses nationwide for months to come."

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this week's cover:
In this week's issue of TIME which will hit newsstands Friday, we present our Making of America issue — featuring our cover story, "The History of the American Dream."

Read the cover story here:

(Photo-Illustration by Jeff Minton for TIME)
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