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Installed the CM10 on my Galaxy Tab 8.9

It's fuckin awesome! 

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+Ubuntu should make a designguideline for appdevelopers.

Many of the Applications in the Ubuntu Softwarecentre look ugly and don't fit to the look and feel of +Ubuntu and +Ubuntu Unity

Maybe +Ubuntu Development and the +Ubuntu App Developers  should search for inspiration on how to do it, in the +Android designguidelines, and make their own.

The +Android  guidelines make the look and feel of Android much better. 
Applications fitted to the design of Unity would be a very good reason to switch to +Ubuntu.

Maybe.. +Ubuntu Development maybe you think about it.. 

Christopher Wibmer

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Nice New/Old AndroidLauncher.

ADW Launcher is back! 

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Awesome new nexus devices! 
+The Verge stopped by to take a closer look at the team behind Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, and +Google Play: 

Ich suche einen Webdesigner der mir dabei hilft, eine völlig neue Art von Webseite zu erstellen, welche ein noch nie da gewesenes Design beinhalten soll. 

Kenntnisse mit WordPress, HTML, CSS und PHP wären Klasse. 

mit freundlichen Grüßen 

Christopher Wibmer
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