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If you are at all interested ring Chris (082 442 9937), visit him at the Cycling & Fitness Studio in Green Street or join us at the Cruise Cafe after the Wednesday Club Ride.

Coaches Corner Cycling Club supports all the local SWD races with many podium finishers, especially in the Juniors section as we have had some really superb juniors! With Chris himself, we have had seven club members (nine disciplines) who have been selected to represent South Africa in their age group / discipline categories. They all trained regularly at the Studio or remotely. Their achievements bear testimony to their hard work and talent plus Chris’ coaching at the studio and ‘out on the bike’.

Although we have a number of elite riders we have all standards (and ages) of riders in the Club. Group rides are often separated to allow riders to go at their own pace.
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Coaches Corner Cycling Club was founded in 2010 and is affiliated with the Southern Cape Cycling Association and thereby Cycling South Africa. With Chris’ ongoing commitment to all matters cycling, the success of CCC Club may be measured in terms of it becoming the largest club (and the only CSA affiliated club) in Knysna.

The Coaches Corner Cycling Club’s distinctive green and orange based kit features
“the KNYSNA GREEN TREAM” on the back.
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Chris Nel, is many times South African XCO Cup Series Champion, a three time National XCO MTB Champion and two time African Continental XCO MTB Champion. Chris has twice represented South Africa at Cross Country World Championships in France and Brazil with a 8th place finish in Brazil in 2010. He was the SWD Senior Sportsman of the Year in 2012.

Since his arrival in Knysna from Johannesburg, Chris expanded Coaches Corner Cycling Club to over 100 members in a short space of time. The club has become popularly known as the “the KNYSNA GREEN TEAM”.

The motivational and training experience Chris has brought to Knysna has been enormously successful. At most events in the region, the podiums have been adorned with “the KNYSNA GREEN TEAM” colours both for mountain biking and road racing.
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Establish your baseline fitness
Accurately measure even the smallest fitness gains
Quantify intensity, duration and frequency – instead of guessing
Accurately measure energy use for nutrition planning
Pace properly for time trials or set yourself up for a successful ride
Prevent overtraining
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Until the advent of training with power, traditional training systems such as spinning only allowed you to measure your body’s response to the work. Therefore, being a response to the effort, this meant that the data so collected had a time lag. It also meant that the actual amount of work you performed remained a mystery – or at best an estimate. Why is this a problem? Doing too much work means injury and overtraining risk. Too little means you’re not getting the maximum benefits you want. Power measurement is the measurement of the actual work in mechanical terms that one produces, expressed as watts. It is instant, continuous and objective thus eliminating the subjectiveness of the more traditional methods like heart rate and perceived exertion. It provides data that can be evaluated to address all levels of fitness and identify strengths and weaknesses that can then be worked on constructively for improvement.
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The studio is equipped with CompuTrainer™ electronic bicycle ergometers that are acknowledged as the ultimate indoor trainer. The bicycle, one’s own or that provided, is clamped into position so that the back wheel drives a load generator that is controlled electronically by the appropriate training program software. As well as the dedicated CompuTrainer™ software, training programs are created using ErgVideo™ and Train for Real™ reality videos ( which together, provide an unlimited capability to service each person’s very specific training needs and goals. The range is infinite from basic beginner’s keep-fit programmes to fine-tuning for the elite athlete out to win a championship.

The Train for Real™ videos are of actual places; rides include some of the famous climbs of the Tour de France and are displayed on a large screen together with the rider’s performance data being displayed on an auxiliary monitor.

The facility can be used by an individual or group of up to 8 people training at the same time – each one working at their own personal level! The group scenario is fun and is found to act as a stimulus for better achievement.

The training studio is aimed at attracting people to cycling from all walks of life and beginners are most welcome. The development of young riders is a particular passion for Chris.
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Chris explained it as follows:
“At Coaches Corner this is managed with training equipment that allows the measurement of power produced by a cyclist in Watts. This data is then used as a basis to create a personalized training plan to match the individual’s capability and goals.

Training with power has been the gold standard for top cyclists for several years now because it is a much more accurate method of measuring performance (and improvement) than the more traditional methods of heart rate and perceived exertion. It is used globally by all the top riders and teams, as unlike other sports, cycling is a man + machine activity to which the machine can easily be fitted with an instrument to measure the power produced by the cyclist.

However, the cost of such devices remains high and is not generally affordable, but the launch of CCC Watt Worx makes the process of training with power readily available.”
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This new studio concept was the first of its kind in South Africa to make available the latest cutting edge technology and training programmes for all cyclists from beginners to elite athletes. It provides, for Knysna, a unique destination for training camp groups both domestically and internationally.
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Coaches Corner Cycling Club was founded in 2010 and is affiliated with the Southern Cape Cycling Association and thereby Cycling South Africa. With Chris’ ongoing commitment to all matters cycling, the success of CCC Club may be measured in terms of it becoming the largest club (and the only CSA affiliated club) in Knysna.
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