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Mike Norton

Modeling/Painting  - 
haven't posted in a while but just finished Boss Snikrot.
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Where's his purple camouflage?
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Mike Norton

Modeling/Painting  - 
2 weeks in and I can almost feel the journey coming to an end with this Lord of Skulls.
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Start of my next project.. Just happens to be a Khorne Lord of Skulls!
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I've got one of those! Really fun to play with and to paint too. 
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My Iron Warriors WIP.  All that is left is a bit of yellow (i'm choosing just solid yellow on the shoulder pads and alternating shin armor instead of black. Doing the black, red and bone bits and pieces, and then just base all 20 of them (there is 1 already done on my book shelf)
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Respect for finishing a whole squad mate. I find 20 guys more intimidating than a knight!
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Mike Norton

commented on a video on YouTube.
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NL speaks truths about mid day shopping!!  I work nights and find grocery shopping a semi enjoyable experience.  At night or on the weekends shopping is pretty much nightmare fuel!.
Here are my two Helbrute awaiting the base paste to dry so I can wash it and then dry brush it just like Typhus and Abaddon himself!
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Thank you very much.  That was early work for me, I've come quite the ways but I still love him.  Abaddon Typhus and the Helbrute are some of my latest work.  I've only really been painting for a year so I like to think that I'm okay at it lol.  I have about 60 or so more things to paint for my Chaos army and then I can move on to my Ork detachment.
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Mike Norton

Modeling/Painting  - 
I have a lot to paint clearly, and a few more things to buy but there is 2k points of my newly formed ork army. I gotta get one more pack of flash gitz, assemble my remaining lootas and my battle wagon (proxied with my land raider)
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Believe me, I WISH it affected ballistic skill!  Ork sniperz!!!

You could purchase an ammo dump for them and re-roll their 1's, though; if you're into fortifications.  That helps them more that you'd expect!
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Mike Norton

Modeling/Painting  - 
Almost done with my DakkaJet just have the cockpit, varnish and the base.
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+Mike Norton thanks i find it awesome and maybe i'll try to "copy" it for some project ;)
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Mike Norton

Modeling/Painting  - 
WIP Lord of Skulls. Much has been done much more needs to be done. Very happy thus far. Such a fun and incredibly detailed model to paint.
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+Mike Norton magnetize the weapons!
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My 20 Iron Warriors are finally complete!  I like how they came out.  I dont know why but I like the solid yellow shoulders vs striping.  Possbily to match my Ork detachment.  Camera Phone doesn't do it justice.
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solid yellow looks great
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Chaos Iron Warrior marine.  Going to do basing on it later, but just wanted to test the scheme out to see what I thought of it, lets just say I have 19 other Iron warriors on the way! 
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I love the iron warriors, they were my second choice if i hadn't gone with the word bearers.
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Getting close to finishing my Black Legion Helbrute!
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I just posted another picture with it practically done just the base material was still wet but they will look similar to the two HQs I have in that pic. Don't mind the flames on that other brute I was much more green behind the ears (still only just getting started, only 1 year of experience now) when I painted him but I still love the paint job!
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I fix computers, networks, you name it. If it has a computer chip odds are I've tinkered with it to solve a problem.
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