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Tracey Edwards
Writer. Coffee Drinker. Mum. Blogger
Writer. Coffee Drinker. Mum. Blogger

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Great article by Hugh Howey with Joe Konrath's added commentary. 

Merry Christmas all. Hope it's a good one!

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Have you read APE (Guy Kawasaki's publishing book) yet? He's offering it for free for a limited time for all authors, which is cool (I actually bought my copy when it was first released). Here are the deets if you're interested:

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Yes indeed. Don't give up, dear writer. Never admit defeat.

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How about a fun writing challenge?

Write 50-100 words. Romance. 
Extra points if you use the word 'cobweb'.


why do I always freak out when I hit the publish button on KDP? #nevergetseasier   #ampublishing  

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12 books in 12 months. I can do that. Right?

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Anyone ever use gamification to inspire yourself to write? I often give myself 'rewards' for meeting goals. While this TED Talk vid isn't about writing per se, I thought it was a good motivational one (especially for +Belinda Pepper who loves games).

6000 words today. Not bad for someone with a head cold. 
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