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Do women have freedom to wear what they want or not in Zambia?
By Nene Soza

Hello my Beautiful Readers

I think this topic is dicey. I am for freedom to wear what you want! BUT that doesn’t mean you should walk around with your butt or tits sticking out, No! I mean first it was, universities banning ladies from wearing short clothing, then I saw a headline saying and I quote ‘A certain officer called out a young lady and took her to the station for indecent dress code’. Honestly speaking, I don’t understand isn’t this a free world for all? Or it does not apply to us women when it comes to dressing?
Will officers manage to pull aside every single person they see dressing indecent, all races or just us blackies?

What is there definition of indecent? In my opinion shorts are not indecent, a mini skirt is not indecent, a short dress is not indecent . Showing your butt where you see the actual butt flesh is indecent, in my opinion. People have the freedom to express themselves whether through fashion, art, or music.
The officers should be arresting those who harass the people who are just wearing what they want to wear, that is what they should be doing not the other way round, where is the safety? People should be aware of their basic rights. That lady was not supposed to be taken in at the police station unless she was exposing her private parts ( as the law says). You just wish that they can concentrate on more serious matters than dress codes.

My two cents on this topic:
The thing is, if you use public transport, you need to be aware that the unlearned or the very conservative people both men and women, especially women will harass you on the street. I have no idea why, but they feel as if they have a right to do that to anyone, they are the judge & jury and in way, they are given the power to harass us because they are not the ones getting taken to the police station. Unbelievable!
But, If you have your own car, you probably don’t experience it, it won’t apply to you. So, for those taking public transport we all need to be smart about it, and carry a chitenge with you!

We should not be worrying about such issues not in 2018 ! We do have a long way for women to be really free.

What do you think?
Signing out- Nene

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Miss Universe Zambia 2018
By Nene Soza

Hello Beautiful Readers!

Alright, It’s now time to talk about the Miss Universe
As you know, I was pretty excited and curious to see how the whole event would turned out.
The organisers stated that the doors will be open at 18h00 and the doors would shut at 19h00, hence I was there at 18h15 , early enough to see everything and to also do my job properly for my readers. I didn’t want to miss anything!

I had an ordinary ticket of K250 so I was crurious to see where I was going to be seated. Anyhow, , 19h00 past , a few people were coming in, 20h00 past and a good number of people had arrived. People with ordinary tickets were sent upstairs, I was immediately horrified, only because I was thinking of my blogging! The upstairs was so far from the stage, and I was thinking “how the hell would I take good photo shots and how will I make good videos, my head was spinning. By past 21h00, my prayers were answered because we were moved back down stairs. In the end we all sat together. I guess the turnout was not as high as they had expected, hence we were all very lucky because we paid for ordinary ticket prices and we ended up sitting on the VIP section. #Happiness.

The presenters were; the Actor Mike Ezuruonye and TV host Natasha Van Der Maas, they put on a great show and they kept us entertained.
The peforming artists Kuni and Mampi they too gave us a great performance . No complains on that front.
All the Miss Universe participants looked amazing and beautiful, so a big hands of applause to all of them.
People who came to the event all looked dashing, a very viby and stylish audience in my opinion. Zambians are becoming so fashionable. Very very good sign!

Then came the confusion…..

The announcement of the winners and the handing over the envelope which carried the results was a total fiasco.
The first fiasco was the handling of the envelope. This was because the organisers were handling the envelope of results instead of an Usher or neutral figure, that is normally how it is done, right! They kept calling the presenter back and forth and finally the presenter, Mike jokingly said ‘’okay now the results are being rigged’’. Mike was asking the director for the correct results??? Strange.
In total there were 5 judges, there was a tie on the second and third runner up. If you watched my live video feed on Facebook you would have picked up all the fiasco.
It was pretty disappointing to be honest. They actually gave the flowers and sash to 3rd runner up Jila and they had to take it back and give it to now 2nd runner up Luwi. Quite frankly we all got confused .
When this was all done I went around and asked the audience what they thought of the whole event . They all talked about the same incident and how awful the announcing was, and the poor runner ups, you can only but feel sorry for them during the whole confusion.
One attendee said ” ’Anyway you know we all came for an event that was thought to be so inspiring and professional but in the end it kind of did confuse us ’’.
Another attendee commented that” the tie between Luwi and Jila was the most confusing part, ’How possible is it to have a tie on the 2nd runner up’’ position when the number of judges wasn’t even? And isn’t that the duty of the Chief judge; to break the tie in cases such as these but where was the chief judge on this?’’
Other attendees asked ‘And why was the presenter asking for the correct results, when the results are supposed to be sealed in an envelope?”
In the end, this brought a lot of questions due to the confusion.
I understand that errors can happen , it’s not easy to pull off a gig like this but you know , they need to be more professional and ensure this doesn’t happen again.

In the midst of this entertainment I also got an opportunity to talk to Shlobi Maluleke who is the Corporate & Marketing Manager at AGCO, which is an agriculture company. Working with one of their leading tractor brand Massey Ferguson; They literally had a tractor at the show!!! Shlobi is responsible in creating awareness to our youth about agriculture and the opportunities that are available.
The #wefarminstyle concept is a great idea and we are happy to talk about and spread the word, ‘’farming is cool’’. Let’s create our own wealth and food right here in Africa through agriculture.

My thoughts:
Would I recommend someone to go and watch the show next year?
Yes, indeed I would, the entertainment was great , the show was fabulous and there was a good vibe, so absolutely yes!! Maybe they would be less drama next time!
Let’s see how the next year will be like. I will be there !

Congratulations to Melba, we wish her the best in being Miss Universe Zambia of 2018. Make us proud!
Her main winnings included an (1 ) Master scholarship overseas, (2) K3000 worth of Cone Make-Up (3) A car .
Check out clips of the event on our Youtube Channel , please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE .

What do you think?
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Africa Rising
The question is: Is Africa the next big thing in beauty?

So why are they getting more interested with Africa as each year passes by? This is because of the growing middle class that keeps rising .
Hence, cosmetics companies are busy on how to approach the continent.
So far, this is what they have acknowledged; That Africa cannot be approached as a whole, it needs to be broken down country by country due to the complexity of each country, economic and political uncertainties as well as regulatory difficulties.

They have also realised that most African countries have no regulations on cosmetics, which further more leads to starting from scratch in some African countries.

Therefore European Cosmetics has lay down main objectives to work closely with some African countries authorities. And these are:
1. Consumer safety as priority.
2. Allow EU industry to rely on a regulatory system aligned with international practices.
3. Encourage local manufactures to progressively adopt best practices.
4. By meeting the requirements, stimulate their exports at international level.

Source: Cosmetic Design
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This is an effort to rebrand itself for todays consumers. The company hopes to move digital brochures in 12 countries.

‘’We are working intensively to build the right tools to support our 6 million strong network beauty entrepreneurs to help them provide a personal service to their customers that is underpinned by strong digital capabilities’’ says Jan Zijderveld, Avon CEO.
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Green & Clean : Going green in shaving
By Sandra Leribaux

#Malegrooming #shaving
Remember the UK Male Grooming brand called Bull Dog that was making the trends last year in 2017.
Bull Dog have come up with a new concept, ‘Ethical Shaving’. Yes, ethical!
They have come up with a sustainable bamboo razor. It’s made of bamboo and its full replaceable. This is an alternative to cheap disposable razors. Many companies are trying to reinvent themselves, as society is becoming more environmentally conscious.
So do you think this will attract new buyers seeing that they are making the effort to be eco-friendly?
What does that even mean for the Zambian Market ?
Anyone interested in any Bull Dog products here in Zambia, please give us shout!
What do you think?
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After American President, Donald Trump announcement of tariffs on Aluminium, the European Commission included Cosmetics products in its retaliatory measures, which was approved and Canada has also included Cosmetic products as retaliatory measures.
Therefore if you see a slight increase on your cosmetics prices this is one of the reasons why.
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The Wine Show
By Nene Soza

#Lifestyle #socialexperience #wine #winetasting

Hello Beautiful Readers!

This was one of my best experience so far in exploring the social events in Lusaka. Quite frankly, I was pretty nervous about doing my first blog interview but my nerves were calmed after receiving a warm welcome from the host. I was so ecstatic to be there!

I attended the Lusaka Wine Show hosted by Go Vino at Radisson Hotel last weekend. I had the chance to talk to Ken who is the organiser of the event.
Go Vino is an importer and distributor company and the owners of the wine show that is held every year in Lusaka. They supply a range of wines and spirits from different wine estates from the Cape in South Africa. This event brings about 14 wine estates where wine makers come to showcase.

Go Vino is passionate about wines, they love the vineyards and the flavours that come from the Cape Region and they bring these different tastes to share with the Zambian market. This allows people to discover new flavours and tastes as well as an opportunity to have a better understanding on the factors that contribute to the taste and character of the wines. This way, wine lovers can make better choices when it comes to choosing wines.
The wine show allows people to come and enjoy the possibility for tasting all the different types of wines available. The event brings a culture where people can explore and experience something different. Wine tasting is something that is gradually entering the Zambian market, it’s interesting and has a good potential to grow. Stanbic as one of the sponsors also intend to generate education and exploration of culture though the event.

Go Vino sells to individual wine lovers, hotels, restaurants, and to supermarkets such as Shoprite and PnP.

A tip for our readers :
For those who are not too familiar with wine tasting. If you attend a wine show, always start with white wines then move to rose and finally to reds. This is because tannins can build in your mouth, ending a tasting on richer, heavier wines prevents any residual tannins from tainting your impression of a light , more playful wine.

This was a new experience for me and I truly enjoyed myself. The guests at the show had a fabulous time, the age group of the crowd was mixed, between 20-40 years old and a good mix of genders as well. I had great feedback from all the guests that I spoke to. The wine showcasing were all so attractive and they provided professional service. I was lucky enough to be in the company of an South African wine expert and we ended up dancing away to some jazz tunes.

From this experience, I am officially a wine lover, I got into the whole tasting very quickly, my fellow readers, I loved the whole experience, I mingled, had great conversations, many laughs and danced, what else can I ask for ! K125 well spent, if you ask me! I now want to know my wines better, and it has made me want to be picky with my wines, although my palette will just need to mature a little.

The wines that got the best likes from the guest were the following:

Hill Crest, Cabernet Fran, 2016
Neil Joubert, Christine Marie, First Kiss, Fertified Chenin Blanc 2012
De Meye, Turtina 2012

To the wine show organiser, it was superb, and to the readers, I recommend to try out new experience, have fun and be merry, we only have one life, let’s try to live to fullest!

What do you think?
Nene Soza signing out
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Saturday Market Experience ( Arcades)
By Nene Soza

Mulishani Ladies and Gents

I went to explore our Lusaka Saturday Market in Arcades and it is obvious to me how we as Africans are rich in culture and creativity.
The market is predominately Zambian craftsmen/women and some African nationalities there too . I went around chatting to the sellers and the artists. I honestly was so happy to hear that most of the crafts were made in Zambia. I was like yes Honey! You know as opposed to seeing “Made in China”. One lady seller told me she gets her items from a sculptor in the village in Livingstone, some items come from Chawama. Some other sellers get them from different sources in the rural parts of Zambia, its good know.

Can you imagine for a second if our government can train these hidden artists in the rural areas, how well they could do and what an opportunity that is not being tapped. So much potential we have here in Zambia.
Our market is filled with beautiful artistic items from cooking utensils, baskets, bowels, jewellery, paintings, sculptures to pottery. Talking about the jewellery, the naïve side of me found out something new about copper bangles. I was told by sales man that the copper bangles help reduce the rate of high blood pressure to those suffering from high blood pressure. I have never heard about this and I immediately was doubtful about what he said . Its only after a customer who was hearing our conversation jumped in the conversation to attest to the fact. Honestly I remained speechless and I giggled away and said my goodbyes. But at least I learned something new, right!

My main take out from the market exploring, I would like to be part of the Zambians who support Zambian artists & craftsmen, let them not only depend on the tourists.
Let’s appreciate our own.

What do you think?
Signing out
Nene Soza
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The Colour Pink For Men
By Nene Soza

1. Can men wear pink?- Direct answer, of course they can.
2. Real men shouldn’t wear pink?!?! – I don’t even know what that really means or implies, but that is totally bull.
3. Pink looks awkward on men- Not really, it’s all a generalised perception.
4. Pink is for girls- Hmm no, that’s so ancient thinking.
The above were some of the questions or criticisms that I have heard concerning men wearing the colour pink.

Can you imagine in the 21st century, hard to believe, but yes some people think that pink is not a colour for a man to wear. I personally think it’s just a colour there’s really nothing more than that. So I literally went out to scout for some pink inspiration from my fellow brothers. And , I was not disappointed at all. They definitely delivered, obviously these kind of men are men who have broken the norms. They are confident individuals and don’t care about stereotypes. Just check out the photos, they don’t look bad at all!

I decided I will give you a few pointers on how to wear pink. The good thing is, pink pairs well with just about any colour from white, khaki, cream, black or brown. So there is nothing to worry about in that arena.

1. If you don’t want to go for a solid pink clothing experiment with accessories like a pink tie or pocket square.
2. The easiest way to wear pink is to go about it gradually by wearing a light pink, for example a light pink shirt, its hard to go wrong, light pink is always a safer option compared to dark or strong pink.
3. Go for a pink golf t shirt rather than a sweater because with a sweater it will end up looking as if you raided your sisters closet.
4. You can also balance the pink with a masculine set of suspenders or waistcoat.

So guys don’t be afraid to wear pink, it’s all good!

What do you think?
Nene Soza Signing out
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Just Do You!
By Mutinta Marie

Hey dolls. Its Mutinta here.
This is my first article of the year, better late than never! I know most of you’s are all still in the spirit of New Year, which normally comes with a lot of resolutions. Whether it’s a weight loss journey or kicking out a bad habit, we all want to make sure we are in the right frame of mind for the year ahead.

My opinion during this time, it’s important not to worry about what other people think and just “Do You” and try something new or be bold enough to be the real YOU!
Take the “You Only Live Once” approach.
Don’t be afraid to try new trends and be bold, be unique, approach beauty in a way that has not defined you like ever before and take the step of the inner you!
Try that new lipstick shade, or wear that stunning eye shadow you have been reluctant to try, get those tight jeans you have been eyeing, just do it!

With YouTube bloggers experimenting and analysing the new Make-Up it is sure to entice anyone. I personally was not a fan of purchasing Make-Up that were trending but I have changed my mind-set on this because I realised that trying new things is part of the experimenting process which is an important aspect of being open to new ideas plus you can judge for yourself. Who is the better judge than you! So go on to YouTube and try out those new trends they talk about.

As mentioned in our Beauty Trend Analysis, Rihanna’s Make-Up line Fenty came tops on a global level. Her foundations covers every skin tone type, the good news is; her products are already in Zambia but I must warn you, it comes at a hefty price, but at least you get what you pay for and the result will be amazing. If you do buy some please do share your experience with us

P.S Check out our YouTube Channel, Subscribe and Share dolls!

Thank you and signing out!

What do you think?

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