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David Russell
I make stuff.
I make stuff.

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I am now ready to become a full fledged consumer.
Warren, Michigan

I'm giving out free iPhone 5's tonight if anyone wants one.

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Is there a way to share your location but make it less specific? I don't want people to know the address I am posting from.

Share with me some places to find iPad, iPhone or even desktop wallpapers.

Flickr seems to be dying and most other sources are way to cheesy.

Everything I do, everyone can see.


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And here we have it, ladies and gentlemen, the true purpose of hanging out on G+

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David Russell hung out with 3 people.Jim West, Donald Sudduth, and Tom Zaworowski

So what does this change?

Is there just another place to attempt and fail to follow the white noise that are activity feeds? More likely, this is simply another place for me to pour inane personal data into.

Welcome to Google+
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