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How to make Salves with beeswax
 I've done a couple postings on making body products with oils and beeswax.  Generally the recipes are very similar.  The bottom line is that the amount of wax added to the oil will determine how hard the lip balm, lotion bar or salve or ointment will be. G...

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How to Make a Body Lotion Bar
If you've made lip balm then you can make a lotion bar. The process is the same - you make a semi solid cake with moisturizing oils and beeswax. The finished lotion bar melts on contact with your warm skin.  This bar is lovely to rub on your dewy skin after...

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Excellent free How To videos for beekeepers from Guelph University
Dr Ernesto Gusman and Paul Kelly are the excellent instructors for the beekeeping course held at the University of Guelph's Apiculture Centre. Below is a link to a series of about 30 free instructional beekeeping videos.  They are very professional and Paul...

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How to Make Lip Balm
One of the easiest things to make with beeswax and regular cooking oils in your kitchen is lip balm. There are lots of very fancy an expensive oils (Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Mango Butter, Coconut Butter, Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, etc). I have all thes...

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How to process and filter beeswax
As mentioned in the last post, when I used a simple oven method to melt beeswax cappings I discovered the wax was a lovely yellow colour and that lead to the question - why is it yellow and not brown? In the last post I mentioned my wake up moment on how I ...

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How to properly melt beeswax cappings
My first year beekeeping I had a bit of wax and I melted it to make candles using a crock pot. I did that for the first few years and then found I got so busy I started stockpiling the cappings to deal with "later". You know, when I get a round-to-it. I wan...

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Green Christmas Craft Sale
Dad (Lorne) and I spent the day selling our liquid honey, creamed honey, beeswax candles and body products - lotion bars, healing cream, muscle/joint warming cream and lip balms. There's lots of Christmas shopping going on in November and December so it's a...

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It's a Wrap
I put the bee cozy's on the hives a few weeks ago.  The black absorbs warmth from the sun really well and provides the hives with R8 insulation.  I get the wraps from NOD - the same company that makes the Mite Away strips. As usual I left extra honey just i...

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Some Good Bee Postures to Know
There are many different postures that bees can make and by observing they can teach you a lot about what they're up to. This is a guarding pose. I wouldn't mess with them if they're doing this karate-like pose. Another Alert pose to watch for which means t...

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How bees choose a Home, Swarms and Dancing in Detail
This video talk by Dr Tom Seeley is fabulous.  He explains in great detail how bees choose a site, how the waggle dances progress and how the bees choose a site. He's also written an excellent book called The Honeybee Democracy.
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