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This is a fantastic analogy!
This guy wins the internet today.
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I said this in 2008.. I said this every year since.. it's like people just friggin' refuse to acknowledge reality.
Locked and loaded...........Hillary always been a republican dressed in blue she have voted on over 3/4 bill in congress along with republicans ( fact check )
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The revolution is a Progressive one. Making the Good Choice, compared to voting out of fear. If there was FEAR that the Dem candidate was going to lose the general election against what amounts to one of the worst candidates in the history of American voting.. then maybe, you should of listened to the PEOPLE, and not Corporations.. because they may give you money, they may be categorized as People.. but they sure as hell are NOT people.. You had your chance, and still do at the Dem Convention to choose Bernie Sanders. When that fails, because the Lesser Evil in the Dem party dictates it, then so be it. #Demexit  

#Greenparty   #JillStein2016  
Sanders ally Cornel West backs Green candidate
“This November, we need change,” he wrote Thursday in an op-ed for The Guardian. "Yet we are tied in a choice between [Donald] Trump, who would be a neo-fascist catastrophe, and [Hillary] Clinton, a neo-liberal disaster."
West said Jill Stein is the "only progressive woman in the race."
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Friday Big Video Games/Tabletop Games Post

Chroma Squad - This is a Turn based, Tactical Squad game with the setting being Super Sentai. Think Power Rangers. The premise is that you're a bunch of stunt actors who hate their director and quit the show. They go off and form their very own show, which you get to name the team, and many other neat aspects. While it's a turn based tactical squad game, it's also got a Studio Management system in place, that allows you to upgrade your team, and the studio itself. Further, you get to choose who will be cast in what role, what their "Story" names are, and so on. Now, the entire thing is a bit tongue and cheek with lots of humor liberally splashed around, and a few 4th wall breaking scenes and moments. I got to have that racially diverse team I would like to see on TV or in stories. Kishana the Scout, Makiko the Assault, Tai the Lead, Malihk the Techie, Inka the Assist. Let's just say, one of my favorite catch phrases on the game that stood out to me.. "Initiate VALHALLA Protocol!!" which would send the team into the RAGNAROK Mecha. Struck all my nerdy strings. The game isn't terribly long, only 16 hours and I took time playing it, savoring the game. After I complete a few other games I've got, I'll come back and try a new team on the hardest setting. A considerably fun game!!

Hand of Fate This is a unique sort of game in that you're playing basically a D&D style game with a GM while navigating a story dealt out via cards. Then if there is combat, you then find yourself in control of the Adventurer and it goes into 3rd person Isometric view, and you battle opponents, and play. I find it's a genuinely fun game. My only complaint right now is that the user interface is not friendly, and there is nothing telling you after you complete say a story, that the game state saves. There isn't anything indicating that, so the inability to save anywhere (which maybe you can do that, I don't know, it didn't tell me) is a big turn off. Excluding that factor the game IS fun so far.

Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor - Pretty game. Conceptionally interesting, but getting used to the keyboard layout and commands did not jell well with me. So much so that I'll have to come back to the game after playing some other stuff, and then can devote time to this game.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong; Extended Edition - I spent 40 minutes yesterday just figuring out what character type I wanted to try to run through this story with. Eventually settled on a female Decker named Deva Venkatesh "Runner/Matrix Name: 0M3gA". I just basically got to the first portion of the story, and will continue playing that for a while. As usual a game by HBS is a friggin blast. (One thing I would of liked is for the portrait of the character, they let us import our own images)

Dungeons & Dragons: 5th edition, Homebrew setting "Nethós the Shining Isle" - So I ran a mass combat for the Emerald Wardens on Sunday, and we had a blast using the new proto-beta tested Mass Combat rules I've put together. They were a general hit, and it simulated some large scale battles. Though simulating a battle with two armies with 6500 troops on one side, and 5200 troops on the other. Is a bit time consuming. But it felt fantastically realistic, and though I've got a few tweaks to make using this new Mass Combat system, I feel much more confident in the future that this when refined will be a great way to deal with large forces. They parties mercenary company is being lead by the party and their designated General, and they are taking over a Pirate Island, to claim it as their own. As it stands, they are certainly winning, though they've experienced losses.

Dungeons & Dragons: 5th edition, Homebrew setting "Madness of the Gods" - Got to play a session tonight with our adventuring group, The Immortals. Things went well up until we were attacked by 3 Frost Giants, 2 Hill Giants, 4 Ogres, and a Devils Guard. Fun stuff, tough fight. Still technically ongoing until next week. I'm having a blast playing my Rogue, Furio. A neutral evil Rogue, who's helping the forces of good, because he's gonna get paid, and by helping he ensures he's also got access to some great treasure. Lots of fun here.

So what games are you playing?

h/t +Bret Gillan 
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William Arndt

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I would not be able to shout Fuck YES fast enough!
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I swore I would not vote for Hillary. I chose Bernie Sanders, and he's not available, because they sabotaged his campaign. Jill Stein is going to get my vote. I refuse to choose the lesser evils, and instead choose the Greater Good. I would never vote for Drumpf. The super delegates and the rest of the rigged primary stole from us the best chance for an outright curb stomping of Drumpf. Instead the rich put into place someone who's almost as despised as Donald. They don't care, they win either way. But I'm not playing their game any more. But I respect you making your own choices.
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If everyone who supported Bernie went over to the Green Party. That would include Dems, Independents, and Republicans who wanted what Bernie stands for.

We could take this election hands down. Because so many people want a REAL third option, well here we go.
Join Jill Stein and Cornel West in a Press Conference July 17th, 2016 3:30 ET #ItsInOurHands 
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It's because she's a haaaaarable candidate. If this wasn't forced by the Corporate Powers... it would be Bernie Sanders winning this now.
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Watch the video, and then ask yourself, if there are two justice systems.
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She can certainly try, but that really was some damning questioning.
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Outstanding food. Great quality. Extremely tasty. I've gone to all the places around Maplewood for "Good" Chinese food. From Yin Yang, to Ming's Garden, to the Great Moon Buffet, and many more. I finally got some of this food about a week ago. Sweet & Sour Chicken, and some Chicken Fried Rice. My friends each got something else, and everyone couldn't stop gushing about how amazing it all was. So why did this only get 4 out of 5 stars? Their hours of operation. Closed on Mondays, and the rest of the week they close at 8pm. This hurts a business, especially to not have extended weekend hours. Also they have no real web presence, so you can peruse their "Official" menu, and pricing. Bottom line, the food is outstanding. Their physical location looks like they are putting all their effort into the food, and that it qualifies as a hole in the wall gem, for those who can get the food.
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