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This is just the sound of the shoe dropping. The FBI is still finishing up their Investigation. And they known all this information here... this isn't over yet.. and that sinking feeling that it's about to get really worse for her... isn't your imagination.
Lies built upon lies. Vote for Hillary at your own peril!
Should she win the nomination, Trump will eat her lunch with her very own words. It is time for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race. I dare any Clinton supporter to watch this report, and convince me otherwise. It would be the ugliest, most circus-like general election we've ever seen. Doesn't this country deserve better than that?

We still have a choice. When we have a man of Bernie Sanders' integrity, honesty and clean political history running against her, how could anyone voting in the Democratic primary possibly choose Hillary? Voters in the final primary states, please watch this video, and please vote wisely!

#HillaryClinton   #BernieSanders   #integrity   #honesty   #PoliticalRevolution  
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William Arndt

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This is how the Plutocratic Oligarchy rigs the Elections.

If it's a party that is beholden to the Oligarch's, it can burn to ash for all I care.
Nevada convention marks turning point for democracy
RIP Democratic Party. Those who previously might have voted for Hillary Clinton now may not

The Faux Fracas in Nevada: How a Reporter Manufactured a "Riot"

I just read why 64 Bernie NV delegates had their credentials stripped--and I shed a tear or two

Basic step-by-step of what went down at the Nevada Convention, with background info and video links for better understanding.

What Happened at the Nevada “Democratic” State Convention?

Petition: Investigate misconduct by the chair of the 5/14/2016 Nevada Democratic Convention

Nevada Democratic Convention: The Videos You Need to See

I condemn any and all forms of violence, including the personal harassment of individuals
“If the Democratic Party is to be successful in November, it is imperative that all state parties treat our campaign supporters with fairness and the respect that they have earned. I am happy to say that has been the case at state conventions in Maine, Alaska, Colorado and Hawaii where good discussions were held and democratic decisions were reached. Unfortunately, that was not the case at the Nevada convention. At that convention the Democratic leadership used its power to prevent a fair and transparent process from taking place.

••Clinton supporter Wendell Pierce of ‘The Wire’ physically assaults woman who supports Bernie Sanders

Pierce, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter, was apparently infuriated when he learned he was talking to Bernie Sanders fans
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William Arndt

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Just had to share, for those not aware, if you like Battletech or Shadowrun, this Twitch channel has two shows showcasing these games. The Shadowrun stuff is on Wednesday's and has an enjoyable cast of miscreants. While the Battletech show Death From Above! is on Friday nights, and is showcased with tabletop Battles, now with more Roleplaying.

You should check them out. Cause there are stakes at risk for the Death From Above crew, if their characters die in the game, they are permanently removed from the show. Another cool aspect about this is damage that is done to the mech's in battle is replicated by the show's Executioner who damages the mech's accordingly.. (They have a show called Watching Paint Dry, where they repair the mechs from the previous weeks damage and paint them in preparation for the next week.) Death From Above, has a great cast of scoundrels.

Well worth folks time.
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William Arndt

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Remember when we told you they were wrong months ago... well it seems folks are finally admitting how wrong they are.
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Yeah, the very same folks who said he is wrong! Oh, wait! His ideas are actually the most progressive we have ever seen! How did we get it so wrong in the first place?!?
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William Arndt

Discussion  - 
The game has officially released, and I'm installing it right now.

Making Space Great Again!
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And its remotely being downloaded.
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William Arndt

Species  - 
Without further ado, for those who are looking to share their species, so we can add them to our own games. Here's my first game planned entry.

Terran Stellar Union
"Humanity united globally after untold eons of evolution. They officially formed under the banner, The United States of Earth, with the largest global political party being the Democratic Socialists. This allowed them to help everyone on the planet, and not just a handful at the top, while not limiting individual freedom. They were also listening to the words of a pre-eminent genius of his age, Stephen Hawking, who convinced us to leave the planet, and find other worlds to settle, if our species were to survive. Which brings us to the modern day, the official unveiling of the Terran Stellar Union, with a bill of rights, and a Constitution granting all it's citizens the duty of voting, and taking control of their rights, directly. Now only the stars await to embrace us."

Race: Human (Mammalian)
Homeworld: Earth
Star: Sol
Government: Direct Democracy
Ethos: Individualist, Militarist, Materialist
Traits: Intelligent
Weapon: Missiles
FTL: Wormhole

Ships: U.S.S. "Union Stellar Starship"

+10% Energy credits
Engineering Output: +15%
Physics Output: +15%
Society Output: +15%
+25% Rivalry influence gain
+50% War tolerance
+5% War happiness
+10% Army damage

+50% Alliance cost
-50% Slavery tolerance
+5% Ethics divergence,9,13&government=12&traits=8
Hint : you can share your race by copying the URL.
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William Arndt

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This is just gonna be a bit of whatever comes to mind, not really concise, nor filled with a specific direction.

I will title this... "Insert Words Here"

I miss my Mom. I miss my Dad. I miss my biological donor of a father.

Right now, I'm in that stage where I admit that I miss my family that has changed energy forms.

I loved all three of those I listed.

From my bio father, who as I get older, I want to know why he made the decisions he made regarding his dying and what happened afterwords. His actions at the end screwed over my sister, and myself. Enough so that, I still have a low level resentment towards his actions. I have half his ashes, and my sister has the other.

I've had them for a very long time now, and my frustration with him should simply of truly abated by now. And most days it's not a real thought, until it is. I think I'm going to have to simply spread his ashes and let it go. There are no direct healthy answers there.

Then there's my Dad. Technically he was my step-dad, but at the end of his life he truly wore that Mantle.

Here is one of the most tumultuous people and period of my life until his passing. When I was younger, I looked up to him. But what I didn't know was how he grew up, nor his jealousy of me with my Mom loving me before loving him. My Mom and him hit it off. He had baggage, she had baggage, they fit together.

But for the majority of my teen years, I experienced significant physical, emotional and mental abuse at his hands. He was certainly a catalyst in my first suicidal attempt. His idea of a funny joke back then could be anything from spiking my drinks with jalapenos, to doing the drive away and stop and wait for you, then drive away again.. all the while you had a sprained ankle.

That last one.. with the stop and go, while I had a sprained ankle. That one ended poorly as many other crucial moments before.

I had a sprained ankle, it was pretty bad, and hurt immensely to walk on it, but that didn't stop him from making me come with him to go over to an estate of a relative of his that had passed, with a person he hadn't cared about at all. But he took me there to help clean and work on the equivalent of chores, that needed a go fer. Finally we finish the shit there, and I go to get in the van, he starts laughing and drives a bit down the block, this happens 3 more times. Finally I just simply started to limp walk home 2 miles away.

Now, when I got there, I thought, it would be over, he was a jerk and pushed the joke to far, and I had literally had enough. He drove home after I started walking.

Now when I got there, walked in, and said I was home, well at first it was that calm before the storm, because he was there, and my Mom was there, and now I was there. She asked me why I walked home. And at this point, my ankle had been throbbing, but also by this time, I had gotten so used to physical pain and violence, I was a bit numb to its effects anymore. I said, something that went along the lines Joe wouldn't let me get in the van, and I started...

And he comes flying into the room from another room and at this point I was in the kitchen, and he starts raining down straight up punches on me. He clocked me good in the face and I was trying to back up so I had room to fight back and then Mom gets in the middle of it starts holding on to me as I'm trying open the backdoor so I can get outside and into the yard so he and I could finally have this fucking fight he's been trying to push on me for the last 4-5 years ... and she's holding on to me.. which is making it fucking hard to stop his fists from hitting.. and I pulled away from her and yell I'm not running away, I'm just getting some room to fight him!!

Then I tore free and waited outside ready to go.. if he wanted to beat me in a fight, I was going to give him the fight of his fucking life. The side of my face was hot with pain and bruises that were coming, and I don't know what transpired inside but he never came out. I don't know if he realized how badly he had lost it when he did that. Or not, but I waited...

And I think to a small degree I've always been waiting. It's taken me until my early 40's to not have my heart trip hammer with anxiety when I hear a car pulling into the driveway. The fear that HE was home, and anything and everything can trigger his anger.

Yet years later, I made peace with him. When I was 24, I wrote him a letter forgiving him what he had done to me. Because at the time, I had, had a true epiphany. He was trying to teach me, "How to be a Man", but he was warring with two things, his jealousy of a Mother's love, and the parenting he was raised with.

He was cruel and mean because that's how his father had been to him, he was vindictive and a bully because that's what his Mother instilled in her only child. She was a vicious viper who as luck would have it, hated me as well. I can honestly say, I've known evil people before, she was truly one of them. When she died, a bit of light eked it's way back into the world. He began to mellow out...

Eventually, over the years that followed, I went through my own personal hells, and the damage and lack of coping mechanisms for me as a young person were wholly inefficient, but somehow, I came out the other side.

He could be a cantankerous fuck at times even when things were going good. But in the years before his death, I really grew to love the person he grew into. In the new guy, I had my "Pop".

So exceedingly much of my life in the days of old I was really catching up to try to stay afloat.

This is more or less, just a case of normal depression. The blues, the sorrow that lurks unbidden underneath the surface.

I've got coping mechanisms now. I'm able to rationalize and evaluate information now. I'm missing my family, and in some cases hanging out with my friends.

A part of me wants to run a good story driven superhero game. Same kinda goes for a good Sci-Fi campaign as well. If I do for the sci-fi, I'll probably do it with the system put together by Morrus of ENWorld, his What's O.L.D. Is N.E.W. system.

While my Sunday sessions are running great, and the party core level is now 14 for 4 of the party, and 10-12 for the others. I'm looking forward to continuing the game. (D&D 5E, isn't full of Save or Die, or inherently broken spells/abilities/etc) It's a bit refreshing and I can actually see these characters hitting 20th level in their campaign. Though they had a fear that since their characters are going to experience a downtime of about 5 years for several of the characters to level and train, they thought we "Might" interact with another campaign, and that hasn't even crossed my mind. The Emerald Wardens will continue their story for a long time to come. Or they'll die horribly in a dungeon they've been avoiding going into until they felt powerful enough to try it out. ... that was many years ago in their careers now.


Stellaris, is getting an update that brings it much closer in line with some much needed adjustments in the form of the Clarke update at the end of the month. While I think for me the midgame content and significantly advanced diplomatic options of the Asimove update, are where I need to wait before I can go back in.

Total War: Warhammer
I've been vacillating over and over about picking it up now, but from the Steam reviews it's receiving, it's the best version of Total War to date. This probably has my future written over it for now.

Politics, way to much in the way of electoral fraud occurring in areas that benefit Hillary time after time, with exit polls in many areas indicating said electoral fraud, then backing it up with machines that are super easy to hack, and no paper trails... and yet the Clinton supporter, is treating it like this was coming from the nutjob right, instead of half of the democratic party and hordes of independents who want to take the Democratic party into a different direction after the utter failure it's yielded in helping the bottom 99%. I don't understand the Hillary supporter who when they see the polls on the aggregate now, indicating she's losing to drumpf, time and time again and the steady downward driving of her numbers, and they believe she's the best choice.. yet Bernie in those same polls devastate Drumpf by up to 15%... I'm sorry if I WERE a H supporter, I would be shitting my pants right now. Cause the DNC can't rig it for her to win against Drumpf, and she's done a horrific job of pushing away the very people the party needs to win in November and down the ballot. Also, if my candidate were under investigation by the FBI and they Openly counter her talking point about it being a Security Inquiry.. and the head of the FBI says, We're performing an Investigation. I don't know anything about a Security Inquiry, heck what were doing is even in our very Name, Federal Bureau of Investigation. I wouldn't be able to support this person and I would absolutely look to her candidate, and check his numbers out, because I need an alternative.

Its like people setting themselves on fire, and wondering why the flames hurt. We've been warning you, that your candidate has the highest unfavorable ratings of any Democratic candidate since the creation of this type of poll. And you're putting them up against a person who scores 5 points worse.. she's at -20 and he's at -25.. yet there's a candidate who's still fighting who's actually a +13.

There is much more to say on this, and I'm sure I will later. The Oligarchy knows what it wants.. and we the people still haven't learned that the system is screwing us from the beginning and will try to screw us until the end.


Twitch TV, in most cases it's just people playing some video game and a bunch of unclean commenters spewing bile in their channels. Yet, there's a cool channel that I enjoy called Hyper RPG. They've got a few RPG shows they put on, (ShadowRun) on Wednesday's and Battletech/Mechwarrior (Tabletop) on Friday's. They are adding a Superhero RPG on Monday's in the near future, and a bit further down the road, they are adding in a Pathfinder RPG show (also if you are THE BOMB when it comes to GMin'g Pathfinder, go to Paizocon and try out, or look into it, because they are looking for a great GM who lives in the Seattle Area.)

Side Note: To all the guys who keep being dicks about women in gaming, and women in movies, and women in general enjoying whatever the hell they want to enjoy. Will you fucking grow the hell up already. You know you don't try that shit around me, cause I'll slap the taste out of your mouth that your parents should done when you were a kid. Women are as diverse in interest and skill sets as any guy. If you can't handle that.. and I mean this. SEE A THERAPIST. Because you need to. You are treading on some serious fucking ground when you pull that shit. If you don't like a movie because it's an all woman cast of some beloved franchise of your youth.. Then don't see it. If it's a shitty trailer.. call it out for the trailer, but until you see if the movie is actually good or a steaming pile, shut the fuck up.

See from here it's easy to stereotype folks who do this shit as easily as they do it to women. These cowards need to address their underlying fears, and recognize, a friend or a gamer or a person, or a nerd or a geek, doesn't start off with a gender, or an ethnicity or a sexual preference, that conforms to your will. They just happen to be your friend, or a gamer, or a nerd, geek, or simply a person.

Trying to equate women to some lesser status in any capacity is simply offensive.


I'm experiencing a bit of ennui that I personally think is brought on by the fatigue I've been experiencing from Diabetes, and an iron deficiency.


As I said in the beginning, a bit of a rambling mess, and at times cathartic and
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Thanks +Steve Kunzer. Glad your in mine as well.
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I really like this game a lot.

But I've come to the realistic conclusion, that at this stage of the game as it exists, it's simply too empty for me to play like I would like to.

Let me turn on my Jersey Accent for a moment to give my feelings on this a proper and bluntly honest opinion.

The game is more fun as the bare-bones just released experience we currently have. Than many, many other games that have been released and I didn't give enough of a crap to play or finish.

In short right now, the game has a start and two very specific finish points. The basics of the game are solid, though they have to fix their current battle structures right now.

But the rest of the game is simply not there. The diplomacy is haaraably devoid of real options. Your interaction with other empires is childish by comparison. You can't tell a vassal to offer you tribute. Other nations refuse to consider military access so you can move across their realm to go fight enemies across the way. Federations are an idea that is broken fundamentally and will be fixed of course. And alliances are meh.

The mid-game colony stories that we got in the beginning, simply aren't there and the lead designer admitted that was an oversight on their part.

There are simply so many options that were left out that, the game feels like one big slog once you get started. There are only 2 end game choices, colonize 40% of the galaxy, or conquer it all. You're kidding right? Nope.. that's a reality.

And here's the kicker...

They are deeply aware of these issues. The Dev's are fundamentally aware of them, and have the next 3 Major updates planned, to address the very concerns I'm raising right here, right now.

So that essentially by the end of July, the game should be exactly what we really want to sink our teeth into and play long term.

Now, I could say I'm pissed about them essentially releasing the game 3 months early, because that's what happened if you consider all the things they have to fix between now and then, that should of been Day One release edition. But someone simply said, we have the bones of the game, it's release worthy.

Well that's a shame on the one hand, because right now. The game is fun, but it's losing people's interest.

I can't play it right now, as much as I want to. It's simply like looking at an empty husk of a game, and realizing that'll fill up and be awesome, but I need to put my gaming focus elsewhere for 2-3 months while they do that.

And that's not something I had planned to do. But that's what the game has really on the most honest keeping it 100% real made me feel. And now I've said it openly, I'll go back to looking forward to the game being updated and made into the image it should of been.

Then I can get really excited again about this game. (It's bought, I own it, and these updates will make it Awesome.. so waiting is not a problem for me on this front.)

Right now the game is simply a 3/5 and one of the more fun games I've played. But it's honest potential to be a 5/5 is what excites me.
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Exactly +Kenneth Judy! It's a solid game frame right now, and well worth the price. The fact that it's going to be significantly better in a few months is great. At no point really is it a lose lose. It's all win.
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D&D related post.

So in my ongoing multi-year gaming campaign and world setting. I've been focusing on trying to achieve that, Fantastic Reality about the game and really make it feel realistic enough to feel grounded, but connected to the fantastic of beasts and magic, and gods and spells and the amazing things about the world.

Well we ended up last year converting over to 5th edition, ironically transitioning to it from a previous conversion of heavily modified Savage Worlds conversion. But one thing was different with 5th edition. The monetary awards in the form of treasure.

Wealth is much more considerably constrained in this new edition. Which in truth with the style of gameplay I was looking to run, which was emulating the old school 1 gold piece was equal to 1 XP, via some integration of balance via Adventurer Conqueror King system utilizing some of their grounded in commerce approach for wealth.

What any of that means is that if your familiar with D&D it uses a 1 to 10 coin valuation system. 1 gp is equal to 10 silver pieces and so on.

While that's really simple to grok and get. It means that the values of the metals in the fantasy games is unrealistically low, like dramatically, and disturbingly low.

Now a lot of DM's would hand wave this headache away. But for me it's one of those things, I want players to feel comfortable when immersing their characters into the fantasy world. If I can make it easier for that immersion to reflect that different metals have different values, than I can work that out.

So I did.. I found what I considered the previous price point of an ounce of gold, and silver, and copper, and platinum, and then adjusted the coins to a new variable to reflect the new style.

It essentially turned old gold pieces into the equivalent of a silver piece. But instead of 10 silver equaling 1 gold piece. Now, instead it's 25 Silver pieces equaling the value of a single gold piece.

Further down the road, I can then introduce price fluctuations as certain metals become more scarce or more common.

But how could I do this in the game without making the players absurdly rich in the new system.

Well this part took the longest actually, but then I remembered months ago, on a private auction block of magic items, which the characters would visit monthly to see if there was anything special, a legendary item came on the market, a Ring of Three Wishes. It immediately went far outside the wealth of the characters, and ended up selling to an anonymous buyer, for a record million gold pieces.

Knowing as I do that there are only two casters on the entire island of the campaign setting that are capable of casting the Wish spell, and thus the only two who know it. And in my games, a Wish spell is not just a simple mechanical benefit. It can alter reality on a primal fundamental level. I realized the person using the item, would not have the training nor caution in using such a powerful spell.

Thus a Wish spell misworded resulted in the wealth of the world changing to match the values I just put together. While also making magic items in 5th edition much more amazing from a cost stand point.

Did I mention I love gaming?
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You should look up the Cross of Gold speech given by Williams Jennings Bryan back in 1896. The US declared the ratio of Silver to Gold to be 15 to 1. This is the historical rate.
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I consider myself skeptical of a lot of information. Especially considering the various sources. What I'm curious about in this regard is this reference to Russia having 20,000 of her emails.

Where is this information coming from? It's not like Russia in theory would admit it... unless it benefits them somehow (embarassing a previous Secretary of State might be a reason)..

But and this is a big but.. but if Russia does release the 20,000 emails. And there is something in there that is considered secret or classified. Then it can't be covered up anymore. Oh foolish me.. what was I thinking, of course it could be covered up more. I just see this ultimately as yet another piece of the puzzle that is raining down on Hillary Clinton, and her violation of her oath of office, and the agreement she signed.

Or as I've posted in other places...

Drip... Drip... Drip...

Eventually that puddle gets really big and eventually people have to admit there is a leak, and then have to fix it..
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Schadenfreude Express is now boarding:
"Roughly this time last year, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton informed the world that the 31,830 deleted emails on her possibly illegal home brewed server were of a 'personal' nature, so there really is no reason for anyone to fret that national security was ever compromised [...] it turns out the Russians just so happen to have approximately 20,000 of the 62,320 emails that were on the very same email server that's now at the crux of an FBI criminal investigation aimed directly at the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for president."
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An outstanding and moving video. #WEareWithBERNIE  
The people who are crazy enough to see themselves as changing the world are the ones who do. #BernieSander   #StillSanders   #HeIsWithUs  
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Discussion  - 
Just a note, if you're looking for live gameplay. There are many streamers over on Twitch. This link will take you to the Stellaris page, and show you all the people streaming the game.

It's been a blast watching folks play!

Mugani! Hak Hak Hak
Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.
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I added that link. Thanks!
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Outstanding food. Great quality. Extremely tasty. I've gone to all the places around Maplewood for "Good" Chinese food. From Yin Yang, to Ming's Garden, to the Great Moon Buffet, and many more. I finally got some of this food about a week ago. Sweet & Sour Chicken, and some Chicken Fried Rice. My friends each got something else, and everyone couldn't stop gushing about how amazing it all was. So why did this only get 4 out of 5 stars? Their hours of operation. Closed on Mondays, and the rest of the week they close at 8pm. This hurts a business, especially to not have extended weekend hours. Also they have no real web presence, so you can peruse their "Official" menu, and pricing. Bottom line, the food is outstanding. Their physical location looks like they are putting all their effort into the food, and that it qualifies as a hole in the wall gem, for those who can get the food.
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