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The roar in the night...
The roar in the night...

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Gavin Brightblade eh +Adam Bobst´╗┐
My friend, +Peter Hobson, made a halfling swashbuckler for my fantasy campaign. ­čśÇ´╗┐

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Yet, add in that embrace science as well. :)´╗┐

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Full of imagination... ´╗┐


I'm reminded of John Stewart talking about how you can both be outraged at the actions of the police as we've seen, and yet still be supportive of those members of law enforcement who put their lives on the line. Neither abrogates the other.

But put it in context of Russia interfering and manipulating the election and our government, while also revealing that the CIA has been playing some truly dirty pool in the course of their actions.

But the more folks went after the Russian connections, the more begins to magically appear via Wikileaks about the CIA, which deflects criticism of Russia.. by dominating the narrative.

What the CIA has done if it's to be believed (and really it's the CIA..) then that's truly disturbing, but that doesn't Abrogate Russia of their actions to manipulate our government and sway the election process into the hands of the Great Cheeto.

Just something that's been sitting on my mind for a while as Russia pops up into the news and then subsequently we get more fake news and other distractions to come up and cause people to get distracted.´╗┐

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In the 1400s, China owned the greatest seagoing fleet in the world, up to 3,500 ships at its peak. (The U.S. Navy today has only 430). Some of them were five times the size of the ships being built in Europe at the time.

But by 1525, all of China's "Treasure Fleet" ships had been destroyed - burned in their docks or left to rot by the government. China had been poised to circumnavigate the globe decades before the Europeans did, but instead the Ming Dynasty retracted into itself and entered a 200-year-long slump.

Few people in the West realise how economically and technologically advanced China was by the 1400s. The Treasure Fleet was vast - some vessels were up to 120 metres long. (Christopher Columbus's Santa Maria was only 19 metres.) A Chinese ship might have several decks inside it, up to nine masts, twelve sails, and contain luxurious staterooms and balconies, with a crew of up to 1,500, according to one description. On one journey, 317 of these ships set sail at once.

Under the command of the eunuch admiral Zheng He, the Chinese were routinely sailing to Africa and back decades before Columbus was even born. Yet they did not go on to conquer the world. Instead, the Chinese decided to destroy their boats and stop sailing West.

In the 1470s the government destroyed Zheng's records so that his expeditions could not be repeated. And by 1525 all the ships in the Treasure Fleet were gone.


In his book "The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality," Deaton argues that the Chinese burned their boats (almost literally) in an attempt to control foreign trade.

The Treasure Fleet was abandoned at the urging of the political elite inside the Emperor's civil service who had become alarmed at the rise of a newly rich merchant class. "The emperors of China, worried about threats to their power from merchants, banned oceangoing voyages in 1430, so that Admiral Zheng He's explorations were an end, not a beginning," Deaton writes.

China retracted into itself and the industrial revolution sprouted first in Western Europe, three centuries later. China's influence on the world got smaller until the 1600s. And only in the last 10 years or so has China fully caught up with the West.

"A lot of inequality comes from that sort of rent-seeking, you know, from going to Washington and saying 'protect my industry, or let me charge whatever I want for pharmaceutical prices, and pass a law which says that everything that's approved by the FDA must be covered by government health schemes,' and that's basically legalised theft," Deaton said.

"So you've got a big number of people in banks, pharmaceutical companies, the military, and so on in the US who are getting fabulously rich by stealing stuff essentially, and I think that pisses off [people]."´╗┐

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If your villain is represented as some sort of Cloud Monster... essentially nothing else in the movie/book/story will be good.

Friends don't let friends use, write, or create, Cloud Monsters.

Be the change you want to see!

Just say NO to Cloud Monsters!´╗┐

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First thought when I saw this, was wow that's a lot of naked people, is this a holocaust image, is this some apocalyptic art protest, and then it just resolved into the after effects of a lava flow.

But the inner storyteller in me could see an ancient race of peoples, building an entire mythology around this entrance into the underworld.´╗┐

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Wonderful news!´╗┐
... holy cannoli I can't TELL you how exciting this is - that's not even clickbait, but an actual reasonable title.

Read it. Read it now.
Google AI deep learning has done something insanely cool... Not only has it stepped up its game to fill in the gap, but it made its own language to help it understand languages... on its own.

It decided by itself one day that this would be the easiest way to handle translation problems, and spontaneously started writing its own sort of language to help connect all the others. ´╗┐
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