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I am really starting to love google+. This is one of my crazy-big NaNoWriMo circles. If I have included you in this fantastic group and you don't want to be here, please let me know so I can move you to a more appropriate circle.

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I panicked for a moment when I saw 6 new people have added me; but if they're all NaNoPeople that's fine :)
I am in this circle, and I approve this message. /campaigned.

I got 50 something new people out of this. Woo! Gotta catch 'em all.
Dear +Sarah Rios I wonder if I like you so much because we both have the same name, AND because it's spelled the same :D. I too approve this message. I need 40, I think, more people to reach 200 :D.
+Sarah Brown The Sarah's will take over the world someday. Also, I'm up over 700 Wrimos in my circles now. <insert evil laugh here>
+Sarah Rios Yes, yes they will. There's nothing that can stop us :D.
I am almost up to 200 :D. I'm so excited :D! So many happy faces :D!
Woo, 97 new ones for me! That gives me...whoa. Nearly a thousand wrimos...
Oh goodie!  I too would love to add people to my own NaNo circle.  Let me  know if you want in!
I'm always happy to be circled by fellow nanoers (and writers in general), especially those who participate in silent hangouts.
I'm not too fond of shared circles in general, though I guess for something like NaNo its perfect.
+Kimberly Froiland For the first time I entered and completed NanNoWriMo in 2012. Absolutely loved it. I'm not sure this is only a group you know from NaNoWriMo? But you're very welcome to add me to this circle if you would like.
+Sarah Brown  Absolutely! November was one of my most enjoyable months for writing, ever! I won't miss it this year :)
Would love to be added to this circle. ~Jenn
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