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Software Engineer and Photographer
Software Engineer and Photographer

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Free Viewing 3D Stereo Photos
When you view 3D stereo photos  (parallel, side-by-side, MPO formats)  on your phone with my Google Play Store Android  3D/VR stereo photo viewer app , you would normally use a stereoscope or Cardboard viewer.  You don't need a stereoscope or Cardboard view...

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Example Stereogram generated from flower photo If you would like to experiment with Stereogram creation using the Processing language and development environment (SDK), I uploaded the code on github for you. I converted the code from open source Java deskto...

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I updated the Processing Android Demo code to show how to combine Android GUI elements with Processing graphics on the same screen. It uses child fragments handling and needs minimum Android 4.2 (17) and is ready for v4 Processing Android core.

The code forked at

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Fashion Show 3D Stereo Capture Using WiFi
Dancers warming up fashion show audience 3D side by side photo of fashion show dancers Last week Delray Beach, Florida hosted #DelrayFashionWeek with proceeds benefiting the Delray Beach Achievement Centers for Children & Families. I went to the opening pub...

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Combine Android GUI with Processing Sketches
In the past when I wrote an Android app using Processing-Android open-source code SDK, I could not combine Android GUI elements with my Processing code. It was not possible to mix the Android GUI features with a Processing sketch in a display screen. I had ...

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Twin NX500 Camera 3D Stereo Rig Using Remote Capture
Here are photos of my landscape configured Twin Samsung NX500 Camera 3D Stereo Rig mounted on a tripod. (I also have a portrait configured rig I describe in a blog post  here .) The left eye camera is mounted upside down to get the smallest possible camera ...

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Open Camera Remote App
Today  on the Google Play Store,  I published a free Android open source camera app: Open Camera Remote . My camera app is a modified version of the open source Open Camera   app by Mark Harman for Android phones and tablets.  The Open Camera Remote app lis...

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WiFi Remote Capture for Twin 3D Camera Rig
Screen shot of WiFi Remote Capture Android App Here's a link to my new free Android app to trigger photo focus/shutter and video record/pause operations with firmware modified Samsung NX500/NX1 cameras.… It allows ...

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Social Consciousness
Social Consciousness In early January 2008, I took this photo of the sculpture titled "Social Consciousness" by Jacob Epstein (1954). It's located at the back entrance of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Many times I have seen this sculpture in shadow so the...

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Processing Android Code Commands NX500
I wrote some experimental Processing code as an Android app (for Samsung Galaxy S6 phone) to see if synchronized shutter release could be achieved using Telnet into twin Samsung NX500 cameras modified with the   NX-KS2 hack . Unfortunately no, the system de...
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