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I challenge you all to do the same!

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So, such shameful acts by the police still happens in the modern US today??

News Quotes (AFP):
LAPD treatment of blacks in spotlight after high-profile cases

They blocked Vimeo related to certain "porn" content, in which worse and more real soft-porn contents can be found in: Facebook and YouTube.

Hell, it's so damn easy to just search it on Google.

Now we have this certain ISIS' propaganda video in Indonesian language freely spread around YouTube.
Heck, no such real action has been done about it!

How about blocking YouTube??
Can they even answer this question??

Just stop being so damn stupid,
I want to access Vimeo for f**k-sake!

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Ever since I heard this song from Arisan-2 movie, I've been so completely falling in love with it..

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Tidak perlu banyak berkata-kata..
Saya pun tidak menganggap rendah dan mengejek pasangan sebelah,
namun entah kenapa pendukung-nya seringkali datang dengan cara mendukung yang tidak etis terhadap pasangan lawan..

Dan Surat Balasan dari Mbak Dian Paramita atas Surat Terbuka Mbak Tasniem Fauzia ini,
adalah contoh-contoh kecil bagaimana harusnya seseorang itu berargumen dan berpendapat..

Salam 2 Jari..
‪#‎Peace‬ & ‪#‎Respect‬

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The Nation of Motorcycle..

Just last year, around 7 million sold here..
The cheapest yet most practical mode of transportation, since the govt. are too busy to think about improving the public transport facilities..

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