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Samuel Partida, Jr.
Criminal Defense Attorney & Blogger. I bring relevant criminal law knowledge to practitioners and the interested.
Criminal Defense Attorney & Blogger. I bring relevant criminal law knowledge to practitioners and the interested.

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Illinois Drugged Driving Laws Feature Significant Differences From Alcohol DUI

I sat down to talk with criminal law and DUI attorney Sami Azhari.

Here is some of what he said about Illinois Drug DUI cases, Sami Azhari...

✓ Reveals questionable short-cuts a judge may take when confronted with an "obvious" drug DUI.
✓ Provides some specific details on what a drug recognition expert can and cannot do in court.
✓ Defines the 12 steps every drug recognition expert should be taking when evaluating a suspect in the field.
✓ Tells us the truth about how common drug recognition training is among patrol officers.
✓ Highlights a crucial legal difference between prescription drugs and illegal drugs that can get a non-lawyer in serious legal trouble.
✓ Answers the question: Do you know how much of an officer’s training with standard field sobriety testing carries over to drug intoxication investigations?
✓ Discloses the sneaky way state prosecutors may use a drug recognition expert in court.
✓ Outlines this scene: An officer comes upon a driver who has just had a serious accident. The driver is incoherent, can’t put together logical sentences, is non-sensical, has terrible balance, and is obviously under the influence of something. When alcohol is ruled out this is NOT THE TIME to assume drugs are involved.
✓ Tells about the A.R.I.D.E. training program and how it differs from traditional drug recognition training.
✓ These and many other important topics are covered.
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DUI Controversy

It is quite easy to see that the case of People v. Guillermo has caused quite a little commotion among the Illinois criminal law DUI bar.

Top Illinois DUI lawyers all had the same immediate reaction after reading this case:

“The court got it wrong.”

I brought back a friend of the podcast to help me understand the issues and get to the bottom of this.

Hit the link below to listen-in while Glasgow unravels this thing.

How do you see it? Is the reaction to the case justified or are we on the defense side just acting like big fat babies?
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How To Advise Clients, Friends, and Colleagues on Conceal and Carry

Just finished up a super informative discussion with Thomas Glasgow. Get informed and get ready for all those conceal and carry questions coming from clients, friends, and family... (click below to check it out)
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April 2016 Is “Sex Case” Month | April 2016 Illinois Criminal Case List Now Available

Here are the top 13 criminal law cases from the Illinois court system for March 2016. There were 19 total cases released for publication.

4 of the cases involved sex charges so clearly this must be the “sex case” month.

Here is a quick overview:
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3 For 4 The Defense...But The One We Lost Really Hurt
In March 2016, the Illinois Supreme Court released 4 cases. The defense ended up winning 3 of them. However, the one that we lost really felt like something was taken away from us.

We had People v. Timmen in the bag. 

The defense won this one at the lower level. However, the high court saw it differently. Apparently, now the police can stop you for trying to legally avoid a roadblock.

I think it's fair to say DUI's at roadblocks may go up.

Catch my entire March 2016 Summary here:
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Top 10 Best And Wors Illinois Criminal Cases For February 2016

There is one in there that the prosecution does not want you to see. (Hint: It is number 10 on my list and it involves some prosecutorial misconduct.)
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The Impossible Task of Explaining Why Police Don’t Follow The Rules

I had a little fun at the expense of the poor attorney who had to try to explain to the Illinois Supreme Court why the Troy City Police Department was not following the rules.

Listen in to Podcast Episode 147 and let me know if I went too far.
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The 11 Illinois Criminal Cases To Know About For January 2016...

The Illinois Supreme Court was busy busy in January of 2016.

Let's accelerate your legal learning and get you up to speed with the most important Illinois criminal court cases.…/
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Never Accept These 4 Types Of Suspensions: You Can Beat Them

Are you aware of the 4 kinds of DUI suspensions you can always rescind?

As you read through stacks of police reports, you begin to develop a pretty good "radar" for problem cases.

DUI litigators get use to taking it on the chin when it comes to winning suspension rescission hearings.

We just don't win too many of those things.

However, I recently sat down with my friend and DUI expert William Pelarenos. We discussed 4 types of suspensions that when identified are relatively easy to undue.

You can catch this episode right here:

Those attorneys who can quickly identify these four different scenarios will definitely have some good news for the client.

Generally, Bill Describes …

1. Problems With Confirmations
2. Problems With Times
3. The Private-Public Property Distinction
4. Blowing Under .08

Listen in to this 19 minute and 31 second interview to get the full details from Bill.
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