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I enjoy Android development!
I enjoy Android development!

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SD Maid v4.7.4 is now rolling out.

This means production is updating from v4.6.5 to v4.7.4.

Some notes:
A lot was done to improve SD Maids compatibility and resiliance with/to different ROM setups. SD Maid can now mix busybox/toybox applets from multiple sources (mix&match), meaning it's no longer necessary to use all applets from one binary (-> better ROM compatibility). There were also lots of small changes that improved handling of files with uncommon attributes (likely created with an OS that was not Android or Windows).

Custom SystemCleaner filters can now use a min/max age attribute, if you have some good ideas and come up with cool filters, consider making a ticket on GitHub make this is something everybody finds useful.

AppControl now shows if SD Maid is unsure about an app size. AppControl now also shows SD Maids own unlocker and while a few restrictions apply to it, it should be less confusing now when people compare app numbers.

CorpseFinder false positives on Android O should now be fixed.

The AppCleaner now has filter for old WhatsApp backups. There were also improvements to the hidden caches filter, and the WhatsApp Send/Received filters now include "Animated Gifs".

Users were also quite active on GitHub and on Crowdin. There are a few dozen updates to the clutter database (<3) and dozens of translation updates and a new language (Galican).

For all the details and changes, please check the full changelog.

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You probably noticed v4.7.4 appearing.

The previously added old WhatsApp backup filter has been removed from the SystemCleaner and added to the AppCleaner. The SystemCleaner is app agnostic while the AppCleaner only works with files where the owner is known. Whereever possible we want deletion to be done via AppCleaner because it is the more effective and accurate tool. E.g. it can apply exclusions based on packagenames and correctly marks files a expendable for the rest of SD Maid. If you really want the deletion to happen through the SystemCleaner (maybe because you don't have SD Maid Pro), then you can still create your own filter again or import the one from v4.7.3 which is still on GitHub.

There have also been improvements to the other WhatsApp filters as well as the hidden caches filter.

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Anyone up for testing a filter for old WhatsApp backups?

v4.7.2 with some core changes and little bit of features and fixes.

The actual update was 4.7.0, but it had a bug.
Then there was 4.7.1 which was supposed to fix 4.7.0, but I didn't understand the bug yet so my bugfix didn't work, at least that's what the bugtracker told me when I woke up.
But the few hours of sleep helped and when I understood the issue the fix was trivial. I've added a few tests to prevent this mistake in the future and 4.7.2 was born :).

There are quite a few core changed related to setting up and using binaries (e.g. toybox/busybox).
There are more details here:
But the gist of it is that SD Maid can now mix and use applets from multiple binaries.
This allows SD Maid to better support different ROMs and work around security restrictions (e.g. applets only working from specific locations).

Okay, enough of that what else is interesting?

Custom filters now support max/min file age (last modification). Based on ticket #333, the idea is that this would allow for a filter that deletes old WhatsApp backups. Maybe some crafty users can build a filter for that and if it works well we integrate it as a default option.

SD Maid can't always be sure about an apps size, this is now visible in AppControl. So instead of "5MB" you will see "5MB >" because SD Maid thinks there is more, but doesn't know exactly (possibly due to permission issues).

SD Maid should now also run fairly well on Android O, at least without root (how do i root my Pixel on Android O?).

For more details please check the full changelog.

SD Maid stuck at "In queue".
I'm getting reports that since a few updates ago SD Maid is stuck at "In queue" on unrooted devices. As far as I can tell SD Maid is stuck during root check. Disabling it via the debug menu fixes it.

It would help me a lot if someone with this issue could record a debuglog and mail me the logfile. Unfortunately no one was able to do so yet among those who reported this.

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v4.6.5 is now in rollout to production.

Lots of little improvements:
• Improved translations
• Updated clutter database
• Improved hidden cache filter
• Improved preview loading
• Fixed sharing (correct file type)
• Replaced searcher exclusions with extra filter field
• Fixed UninstallWatcher on Android O
• Fixed app size determination without root
• Fixed accessibility related text size issues
• Various design/layout tweaks.

There are still quite a few issues on Android O but I'm working on them. New beta coming soon too.

For more details please check the full changelog.

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v4.6.5 yay!

Lots of little improvements.

Some notes:
I've refactored root related code, added tests and changed some structures that will make it easier to move it into an extra module. I fancy the idea of open sourcing a few root related parts of SD Maid as I think it would help the root app community to have better tools.
Moved analytics tracking to full encryption (yay letsencrypt), update check will follow in a future update.
I rewrote the code related to enabling the "Pro" features. Instead of a "isPro()", it's now more of a "hasFeature(X)". Overall consolidating the pro/upgrade related code. I want to test different ways of upgrading SD Maid, maybe making it optional to actually install the unlocker app. I don't have a good solution yet because Google doesn't offer good access to purchase related data. So for now I'm just experimenting a bit, it certainly doesn't hurt to improve SD Maids architecture, even if we don't use it yet. Good architecture makes us future proof :).
I've got my eye on Android O, but didn't do much testing yet. There are a few tickets on the issue tracker related to changed we need to make and a few things are already fixed in this update. If you are already using Android O and notice issues that are not on the tracker yet, please make a ticket.

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Any input on this issue?

When would one use searcher exclusions?
What's the usecase here?

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SD Maid v4.6.4 is now rolling out.

• Updated translations and clutter database
• Improved clutter matching (regular expression support)
• A few crash fixes
• Internal code changes to improve automated tests

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Sorry for the late post, so yeah there is a new beta, v4.6.4.

The changes are mostly under the hood.
I've refactored code to improve unit testing and also improved the clutter matching system.
So now instead of defining "/sdcard/AppDev"<>"com.appdev.someapp", "/sdcard/AppDev"<>"com.appdev.someotherapp" etc., we can just create a clutter marker "/sdcard/AppDev"<>"com.appdev.*".
This reduces the chance for false positives as now any new app matching this pattern would automatically be matched correctly instead of requiring a manual database update.
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