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call me kris.
call me kris.

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Happy Four Years!
 Guys, I can't believe this was FOUR years ago today! What a magical and perfect day this was! It's been a couple years since I've posted photos from our wedding, but as I was going through some of them last night--I just couldn't help but feel so blessed t...

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family trip to destin, florida // video
The Campbell Family from Nichel Warwick on Vimeo . I am SO excited to share this amazing video that my sweet and talented sister made of my little family during our recent trip to Destin, FL! This is so special to me and is something I will cherish forever!...

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bluebonnets + easter ❀
If you follow me on Instagram, you've already been spammed with a lot of these bluebonnet photos--and while I'm sorry about that--I'm kind of not because this day was THE. BEST. DAY. EVER.  I hope to remember it forever and ever--and pictures are one way to...

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a different kind of valentines day [in memory of sister jeppson]
I always write for Valentines Day. Not really sure why--I actually don't "love" the holiday of love. I mean, it's fine--I don't refuse to celebrate or anything like that, but it's not something I choose to put a lot of weight into. Don't get me wrong, I'm t...

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lake powell (aka heaven on earth)
Hey everyone! So yeah, it's taken me 4 months to post these photos (ooops) but better late than never--especially for this trip! It was my very first time going to Lake Powell (I know, crazy--I lived in Utah for 11-12 years and never went to LP--not sure ho...

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a [non] basic life.
I've recently been told that "basic" is back in the list of lingo the kids are using. You know, like "She's so basic." Meaning obvious, unoriginal, boring...anything along those lines. I know I'm behind on this. It's probably been rising on the list for a f...

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my thursday thoughts.
...because I miss President Hinckley and his always so positive and hopeful words-- and because this quote is always such a good reminder for me. "Happy is the man who can brush of the offending remarks of another and go on his way." President Gordon B. Hin...

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a moment of clarity.
For those of you who don't know our story, stop here and read this post. If you don't, the following may not mean what I want and need it to mean, and convey what I sincerely hope it will convey to whoever may be reading.  ...and while you're reading that, ...

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california: table rock beach (my new happy place)
 Our first stop on our trip to California was Table Rock Beach in Laguna.  We just happened to stumble upon it after flying into Orange County and having a few hours to kill-- and it almost instantaneously became my new favorite spot in all of southern Cali...

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family photos // summer 2015
While in Utah this month, we were able to have some new family photos taken.  They turned out so beautiful, and it was extra special because it's the last family photos we'll have taken for the next two years that will include my little brother Dane--who le...
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