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Disturbing Images Show a Cop Choking an Unresisting College Student Until He Falls Unconscious

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If you are celebrating #CincoDeMayo, here are some tips so you don't get arrested:

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Great information; thanks for sharing, +Keith Newstrom! 
What is the Penalty for Blowing 6 Times More Than the Legal Drunk Driving Limit? 

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Ripplin Circle #CircleMaster
Last week was amazing w/289 shares (327 w/doubleshares) 

We had so many ripples from last weeks circle, our engagers circle and other circle shares from +Circle Master that I had NO ROOM for pages and created a special circle for pages and the people behind them - so this is an astonishing ALL PEOPLE circle - If you do notice pages that I missed, please let me know. We value page shares and are REWARDING them by including them in a special circle, along with the page owners, and the page owners can be included in this circle too. Please share this circle and/or our people and pages circle (link below) and get included in even more circles.

I use +Circloscope to build circles so unless you share things (and share publicly), I will most likely never add you because I won't know. If you are sharing to a page or a community, you need to let me know in the comments (and depending on whether it has any real value or not I will decide whether or not to keep you in). I did some random checks today and removed people because I didn't see their shares on their profiles.

Please share THIS circle AND please help keep our other top circles going by sharing and you will be included in lots of future circles. Sharing is the key to getting in and staying in these circles. You also must have a profile and be following me.

Engagers Circle

People & Pages Circle

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Great information, +Keith Newstrom! 
Stop and Frisk Policies in New York City are Unconstitutional 
In the comments I will post a video of a kid being harassed by the cops in NYC for being a "Mutt." 

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Daily Circle #1
The #CircleMaster 's circles are meant to be shared. I will be releasing a circle daily. Sharers will be rewarded by being included sooner and in more circles. All you need to do is learn to share these circles and you will soon see the benefits of active sharing on Google+. 

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Lifetime Bans for DUI in Washington? 

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Make sure the #attorney  you hire has the qualifications you deserve! 

Here's my Lead Counsel profile:
Lead Counsel Rated Attorneys are experienced, ethical, and peer recommended. Learn more about the Rating by watching our new promotional video.


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Thank you +Keith Newstrom and +LawInfo Legal Marketing for recognizing my years of experience and sending me the +Lead Counsel Rating! #attorneymarketing   #ROI  
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