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Such a disappointment. Sadly this does not come as a surprise. 
A Target in East Harlem. It and three other retailers — GNC, Walgreens and Walmart — were accused of selling fraudulent supplements.Credit Yana Paskova for The New York Times
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Have them in circles
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I don't suppose any of you have recently smuggled some real Kobe Beef back have you.
It is impossible to say exactly what you are getting in your "Kobe" slider, or $100 Faux-be strip, but one thing is certain - it is not Japanese Kobe beef. For the past two years, it has not been any...
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MD World Health

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WOW! I used to eat 8 Wheatabix every morning as a child, maybe the high amount of iron filings have something to do with my poor memory :-/
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Matt Stone admits he is not the healthiest person out there. He can be a little lazy at times, maybe even a little excessive in all the wrong areas, but one thing Matt has, and that is the desire to improve himself both mentally and physically.  

Matt has teamed up with his good friend Derek Crossman to bring you  Derek is the healthy brain behind MD World Health. He has worked with pro athletes from Olympic Hockey players to National Bodybuilding Champions to Pro Snowboarders. Derek has worked in the health and fitness industry for many years and continues to learn and develop his skills in an industry he is passionate about. 

Together they will bring you an honest and objective view on health and fitness from around the world.  Follow Matt and Derek here on G+, you never know, it only takes one great piece of advice to start you on the path to an enhanced you.

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