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My new blog post is out, it's all about how I'm going to learn #Scala properly this year:

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Atom is a really cool text editor that just went 1.0 give it a spin, you will love it.

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7 year anniversary lunch. 

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My first Android App is done and out on the app store. I've written many of them but this is the first one I have taken from start to finish.
It's a lot simpler than some of the others I started but never finished but it does it's job.
Basically it's a app that implements the Pomodoro technique which is something I've been doing for a while to help me get things done. Hope you find it useful.

I wrote a new blog post on the importance of doing.

Hope you all have a kick ass day today. It's the little things compounded day by day that make a difference.

My new post is out! A bit late but this one has code examples!

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Really enjoying the new Muse album, Drones.

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Post I did on the fundamentals of AngularJS. In the spirit of learning I would love some feedback.

Busy working on a new on that focuses on directives.
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