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Food Startups: Today is the last day to apply for Local Food Lab's  winter accelerator program  
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An accelerator program that charges for tuition rather than offering a seed investment in return for equity still strikes me as really odd.
+Michael Bernstein it's a new program and I suspect their model will change a bit over time. For now, I would imagine that many of the businesses have less scale than traditional Internet startups - many of the companies are food products - so it may make more sense to charge a tuition for now... 
Hmm. That might be a self-fulfilling prophecy. There shouldn't be any inherent reason a food product startup can't scale. In fact, one of the main reasons I would want to participate in an accelerator would be to learn how to create, test, and validate a scalable business model.
+Michael Bernstein for the record, I am merely speculating and do not speak on behalf of Local Food Labs. I know for a fact that their goal is to teach people how to "create, test and validate a scalable business model."
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