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Thinking about starting a Food+Tech Subreddit and wanted to see if there is any interest. Let me know if you're interested and the kinds of conversation and content you would like to see either in the comments section on Reddit or in the comments here. 
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Could be interesting. Have you considered creating a food+tech community here on G+?
Yes, I'm going to do that too. One step at a time!

P.S. we lost touch via email on the USDA Zone data issue. Can we pick that back up?
+Michael Bernstein I wasn't able to get any better information for you, but can try again. I'll let you know if I hear anything. 
+Michael Bernstein yes, very disappointing. Is this something you would like to write a guest post about for FTC? I'd love to use the platform to get a conversation going about this and to see how many people have been affected by it. It might also be an opportunity to come up with some creative solutions...
Yes, I'd be interested, but when would you need it? I'm overcommitted for a while.
+Michael Bernstein
Yes, I am sorry about not being able to provide what was needed.  I'm continuing to try and work away at the source issue itself for many datasets in this situation.
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