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Kota Atok
Attempting to find my Zen through creativity
Attempting to find my Zen through creativity

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Have reknitted a sleeve for the third time. Is this sweeter for a human?

Gorilla is home sick,

knee high socks finished.  I can open the yarn parcel now.

Made it too the heel.

Well that explains the nerve jangling half an hour ago.  It is pissing down with rain right now

I didn't even have to mug the mail lady.  I just had to  negotiate the floorboards, the sheepskin rug, the dog, door handles. #Igotwool   #knitting  

I am going to wonder wool wales.  He said yes.  So now I just have to organise him.

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The new Beyond the Barriers campaign

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Cherry Blossom Tree on a foggy Spring day.

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My favourite photo for this week.  Some spring cherry blossoms still coming through even though it was a cold foggy day.
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