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Heads up for Vapors in CA! The prop to increase cigarette tax includes vape juice that contains nicotine! Vote No!!!!

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Nice day at home at the best Apartments in Pacific Beach, CA!

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Google+ Pages offer another benefit beyond direct interaction with followers and sharing content. They're getting a lot of screen real estate in Google Search.

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( #iftt ) reconnecting google+ to twitter via ifttt using a different feed rendering service since the old one died. seems to do the trick as the google+ to feed translator.

ifttt recipe is here:

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Google+ Pages - Leveraging Your Personal Brand!

Got a Google+ Page but not sure what to do with it? If you're a small business then it's time to leverage your Personal Brand. Check out our article on!

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How to Become an ACTIVE Google+ User, and Unlock All the Benefits it has to Offer

Check out this short video I made, where I ask local artist, and established google+ user +Paul Roustan, how new users can most effectively use Google+ to achieve maximum results.

He describes Google+ as standing out amongst older social networks for its ability to be a community serving social network, instead of a self-serving social network. It's all about building relationships.

A huge community with rewarding content already exists on Google+.

If you are a new user, and you find google+ lacking content, this will set you on the right path to immediately unlock the benefits of google+.

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I wish you had filters for you Google+ stream on +Plusses at: I could add a specific hashtag to the post I'd like to share on Plusses and have only those post appear on the blog.

Also do we with getting rid of the "[Reshare]" tag, looks ugly on a blog. Or perhaps move it to the end of the title.

Speaking of the title, how does it work out the title? It seems a little random atm, though probably down to +Google+ itself as #Currents does the same thing I think.
CC +Daniel Treadwell


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Google+ Pages are now showing up in search, making Google+ even more essential for brands for search purposes. This change encourages admins to be more active on Google+, as the most recent posts will also be displayed.

Edit: Your page needs to have Direct Connect (not currently available to all pages, and requires the G+ badge on your website) for your page to appear. Your Google+ page will appear under the listing for your website.

Also this week, Google is rolling out page notifications and settings so you can finally have more than one admin on your page. (We discovered ours had been updated today.) The new notification system will help you keep track of who's circling your page so you can circle them back, and the activity on your page.
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