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Robert Leyland (SubCmdrTau)
#ingress SubCmdrTau Gamer, Toy maker, Astronomer, Inventor, Engineer, Programmer and Soccer Coach
#ingress SubCmdrTau Gamer, Toy maker, Astronomer, Inventor, Engineer, Programmer and Soccer Coach

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Oh, look he's back, scraping again and killing guardians.

+Sonnia Kemmer guardian candidates killed (again) today - on day 148 by agent GalacticaPrime.

Just as you've seen in the Russel bot screenshots.

Hey Northern CA Res, can you clean up your act?

Stop blaming the other side, stop ignoring it. This isn't going away until YOU act on it.
This is not a fun post to write, and it wasn’t fun for the Resistance agent who came forward with these screenshots. This is not the game we want to play. Recently, the Pacific Northwest Enlightened discovered that their regional Resistance agents, including BRRN members and at least one anomaly POC, were using a scraper of some kind to discover, track, and target guardian portals. After that was published, we were given screenshots of the same tool being used in the same way by prominent guardian hunters in NorCal/Bay Area

Our screenshots are here:
PNW’s screenshots are here:

If this was a purely regional issue with a few local agents using a home-brewed tool, it wouldn’t be enough for us to post. We know that both factions have bad actors and if those bad actors are not leadership, we do not blame the whole. However, it’s become obvious that this scraper, nicknamed Russell, is in use in a number of Resistance communities if not globally. This needs to be public. The Enlightened across the country who are targeted by this scraper deserve to know, and Resistance agents who object to this kind of play have the right to know and object.

We are certain it’s the same software because:

* Both sets of screenshots refer to the scraper as Russell
* The unusual syntax of ! portals <agentname> with a space between ! and portals is consistent

Resistance: you need to decide for yourselves what you do with this. If you’ve known about this all along and you don’t have an issue with it, this post will not change your mind. If this is news to you, we trust your judgement.

As angry as this post is going to make Resistance agents, we hope some of you can take it in the spirit we mean it. We want the game disinfected and cleaned of cheating. If you have screenshots of either faction using this kind of tool, please send them to us or publish them. Let’s play hard, competitively, and fairly.

#playfair +NIA Ops +Andrew Krug

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Wow! Great numbers! Welcome new agents to OPR.

Please keep up the good work. Its a long road ahead of us, but we need to clear the queue before we can submit new portals.

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Cute, +1 for concept.

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Thank you +Niantic +NIA Ops #OPR

I really appreciate the feedback. It is really nice to know you're doing a doing a decent job.

Notes: Of these, about 1000 were duplicates, from the earliest days of OPR - when there weren't enough portals loaded to satisfy our cravings... and we rated the same portal many, many times.

About 1000 are in New Zealand, my "home" territory, and a few hundred in Hawaii, NY/NJ due to travels etc.

The rest are in Northern California, and I expect that most of those that have gone live are in CA.

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Appeal Category: Rejected Removal

Portal Title: Plate Tectonics is happening Beneath You

City, Region and Country: Olema, Marin County, California, USA

Lat/Long: 38.053672,-122.786586

Reason/comments: This portal is a duplicate of a portal that is in a park. It is on private property, behind a locked gate. It can't be reached from the road, and is far enough away from the road in a low signal area, such that the location box does not appear on the scanner. As such it is extremely hard to submit a request through the normal channels. The pictures below show the exact same portal at the correct location.

Ingress Intel Link:,-122.786586&z=16&pll=38.054797,-122.787591

Duplicate portal is here:,-122.79665&z=16&pll=38.041998,-122.797588

2 Photos - View album

Street Views are sometimes OLD!

This is a big one - very often the portal picture is much more recent than the street view.

If the object is missing in the street view then flip to the google map, and look at the date in the top left - if its before 2014 that might be why!

<maybe we should see the street view date on the miniview>

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Ooof, no portal for you then!

A big OPR Welcome to the new agents!

The criteria for joining appears to have widened, with invites going out to some L15s in our area.

What are the "Operation Blue" missions all about?

There appear to be dozens of them in different locales across the USA. Each consists of a set of 6 single color images in a pseudo rainbow.

Yellow Red Purple Orange Green Blue

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Two solid years. #730Club #sojourner
The day is here - 730 of the Sojourner medal!. The significance of this number means Agents that have obtained it, have hacked every day, for two years! Post your screenshots of obtaining 730 days in the comments and you'll be rewarded with a special code after it is verified. To keep the comments clean, any off-topic posts may be deleted.

#730Club #sojouner
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