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<i>"But within me the unicorn still remains, a formless shadow in the spaces of my mind."</i> ~Josephine Bradley
<i>"But within me the unicorn still remains, a formless shadow in the spaces of my mind."</i> ~Josephine Bradley

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One Sick Bunny.
In the natural course of things pre~production week any time is a complete circus.  We get locked into rehearsal schedules that fall apart at the last moment, change venues, times & dress codes & leave us scrambling all over Brisbane.  You learn to go with ...

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Bouddica Shout~Out.
We are heading into Production week.  Rehearsals 6 nights a week on the other side of the river.  I feel tired before we begin. Brizzyites ~ the music is shaping up beautifully.  Very impressive. And the tickets are extraordinarily reasonable ~ between $25 ...

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It never rains but it pours.
My girls are the practical sort.  They can cook & navigate & problem solve.  Really.  They can. Lib's a classic.  Her solution to getting lost in Brizzy?  Ring home.  Our conversations would go like this: Mum, I'm standing on the corner of such & such & I n...

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Making Mum Happy.
Everyone in this house knows that if you want to make mum happy you buy her books.  I am that boring & predictable.  And chocolate.  Dark & nutty ~ or shells .  Shells are goooood ! At some point on Sunday both materialized. I had in mind to acquire The Lan...

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Proud Owner of a Debt.
Yes, she is now the proud owner of a debt. She only stalled 5 or 6 times driving back to the jetty. Give her credit.  She is used to driving 2nd hand beaten up bombs not brand spanking new deluxe cars that actually work as they are meant to! And just in cas...

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Stop the world...!
  Yes, it's been that busy.  The sad thing is it doesn't sound so terribly busy ~ until you are doing it.  Prayer mornings?  An hour of my time, you think, then we sit round having a cuppa & a chat before everyone goes home again.  Perish the thought. First...

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The Season of our Freedom.
Let's face it: I tend to see the world a little differently to most.  This is as true for the things of God as for the way I read books & deal with history.  It probably accounts for some of the difficulties we have had both in fitting in to a church & esta...

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Why celebrate the Passover ?  I was asked.   We are a new covenant people . These sort of comments display a huge ignorance of the prophetic aspect of Passover.  We have been celebrating Passover as a New Testament people for several years now ~ as some of ...

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A spot of gardening.
One of the drawbacks to our block of land is that all the topsoil had been removed before we bought it.  What we were left with was a dispiriting lump of leeched clay full of ironstone that baked in the sun & set like cement.  For all the intents & purposes...

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Post Driving...
The sun wasn't up yet this morning but Cait was on a boat headed north to spend Easter with my mum.  It hurt doubly because I had sent her over yesterday to have her first professional driving lesson, then followed later so we could do a movie together.  Li...
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