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cyber way how to Save Money while shopping
Today, I am going to tell
you the unique and best way to save money online. Nowadays, we are using
different kind of resources to save money but I find out the cheap and fast way
to buy something online by using best discount offers and Promo Codes. Here is...

Habits are a choice
Giving is a choice
Reactions are a choice
Ideas are a choice
Connections are a choice
Reputation is a choice
The work is a choice
Words are a choice
Leading is a choice
No one can be responsible for where or how we each begin. No one has the freedom to do anything or everything, and all choices bring consequences. What we choose to do next, though, how to spend our resources or attention or effort, this is what defines us.

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The world's biggest data breaches and hacks of 2013
In  January this year , The New York Times ,  having been the victim of persistent attacks, experienced a breach which lasted four months. A sophisticated Chinese hacking team slipped past security systems in order to deploy 45 custom malware pieces and acc...

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Game Trailer Time: The Best of the 2013 Spike VGX Awards
The 2013 Spike VGX awards have come and gone. Say what you will about video games award shows — and trust us,  plenty of people are  — but they do make for an excellent time for developers to show off what they're cooking up across the next few months (or y...

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Facebook is experimenting with a 'sympathize' button
You must have faced this dilemma a hundred times in the past few years. There are statuses just too sensitive to hit the 'Like' button. How do you react to the news of the death of a friend's aunt on Facebook without looking like a total jerk? With social m...

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New keyboard case turns your iPhone into Blackberry
Washington, Dec. 9 (ANI): A new device has been launched for iPhones aimed at making typing a lot easier. American Idol host and serial reality TV producer, Ryan Seacrest, has invested one million dollars in the Typo keyboard, an accessory that is trying to...

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iSPY: Apple Stores switch on iBeacon phone sniff spy system
Apple has switched on its controversial iBeacon snooping system across 254 US stores. The
fruity firm's iSpy network allows Apple to watch fanbois as they walk
around an Apple store and then send them various messages depending on
where they are in the s...

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Top 7 Reasons Why you should eat APPLES

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Briefly Difference between Window 7 and Window 8 , the self-proclaimed largest Windows 8 help and support forum on the Internet, is filled with posts on such subjects as how to try to terminate a process in the Windows 8 task manager when access is denied and the state of Winodws 8 HP p...
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