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The Fiscal Cost of Protecting the Border
As Chapter 13 discusses, the US has spent literally billions
of dollars protecting the US border. On the southern US border, we witnessed
several different variations of the ‘fence’, which are pictured below.  Some of them are very tall and nearly

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Border Economies
In our trip to the US-Mexico border, we spent four days in
El Paso, Texas and Cuidad Juárez, Mexico. Effectively, El Paso and Juárez constitute
one large city split by the border fence, where people move between the two cities
going about their daily lives....

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Trip to US-Mexico Border
A few weeks ago, Cynthia and I took a week-long trip to
visit the US-Mexico border. We started in El Paso, Texas (which borders with
Juarez, Mexico), visited Nogales, Mexico and ended in Tucson, Arizona. Below is a map of the route we followed.  It was an

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The novel Americanah
I recently read an inspiring book entitled Americanah by  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie .  The novel is about a Nigerian woman who migrates (legally) to the United States for college in the midst of political turmoil at home. Years later, her boyfriend migrates ...

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More Middle-Class Immigrants
David Brooks recently wrote an interesting piece in the NY
Times documenting the flow of immigrants into English-speaking countries
(e.g., the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand).
Perhaps the most interesting aspect of his op-e...

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Cuba Uprising
Before this spring, Cuba was the classic example of a closed
economy.  Goods and services were not
allowed to enter or leave the country, there was practically no foreign capital
investment and workers were not allowed to leave the country illegally, nor

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