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liz waterston
mom, teacher, cook, shoe-lover, reader and learner
mom, teacher, cook, shoe-lover, reader and learner

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The Seventh Most Important Thing by Shelley Pearsall
The protagonist of this realistic fiction story is Arthur and one day he made a mistake. A big mistake. He picked up a brick and hauled off and hit someone with it, a man who wandered the neighborhood collecting garbage. Of course after he did it, everyone ...

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Full Cicada Moon by Marilyn Hilton
This was an interesting book that really got me thinking about all kinds of things; stereotypes, racism both blatant and subtle, and fighting the assumptions culture makes. It's a gentle tale of a girl, Mimi, who faces and deals with all these things with g...

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Goodbye Stranger by Rebecca Stead
This is a novel with 3 stories intertwined, sort of. There is the main one about a girl named Bridget, Bridge for short, who is trying her best to navigate 7th grade and all it's ups and downs. She has some really good friends, which helps, but they each ha...

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House Arrest by K. A. Holt
This story is written in free verse written by the protagonist instead of standard prose. I thought the poetry style did a good job of giving it a rhythm, adding to the character development and it wasn't distracting, as sometimes free verse can be. It's ba...

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Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar
This story is told through two perspectives, Tamaya and Marshall. Tamaya always walks to school with her neighbor Marshall, who is a year older. The school is an exclusive school and Tamaya works hard, as did Marshall until this year. This year the bullying...

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One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams Garcia
This story features three black girls who live in New York with their father and his mother. Their own mother abandoned them when the youngest was a few months old. When the oldest, Delphine, is 11, her father decides to send all three girls to Oakland, Cal...

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As Brave as You Are by Jason Reynolds
Genie and Ernie are two kids from Brooklyn whose parents take them to stay with their grandparents for a month. They haven’t visited their father’s parents in many years so aren’t familiar with them at all, plus the complete change from Brooklyn to the boon...

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Bitter Side of Sweet by Tara Sullivan
Ok, confession. I loved this book. It is a story which is very violent at times (which I always struggle to introduce to my students) but is a great story, strong characters and still has such a strong message, revealing a nasty part of our world to people ...

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Beneath by Roland Smith
This is a story that mixes fantasy and realistic fiction, as most of it feels realistic fiction until the end where it is a bit too much to be real. Anyway, the protagonist Pat lives in a life where his parents are useless and his brother has disappeared. E...

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Restart by Gordon Korman
Have you ever actually met an awful bully? I've read about them and I have met kids that had potential, but never a really mean person who destroys other kids just for kicks...but we all read about them, right? And I know bullies exist and can be very destr...
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