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Is there a way to allow password resets by individual users using the secondary email?

Anyone setup  Google Vault to meet NYCDOE guidelines? Looking for directions. Thanks!

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Can someone make this functional? Thanks

I disabled a device as a trial. I am still able to log on and use the Chromebook. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

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Are there any schools that provide students DOE devices(laptops/chromebooks/ipads) to use at home and in school? My school wants to supply each 8th grader a Chromebook for (GAFE/Classroom). Is a 24/7/365 online filter/parental control required by law/DOE? how to deal with lost, stolen or damaged devices? Any insurance available? Any suggestions or ideas to roll this out are appreciated. Thank you.

Any schools rolled out Chromebooks in the middle school? We are planning to do a pilot 1:1 program in grade 8 next year. The NYC Science Textbooks are from Glencoe and they have no near plans to convert their whole textbook series to be Chromebook friendly. I know some school districts outside NYC set up virtual desktops(not practical in the DOE). Any ideas?

We have several laptop carts(36 laptops each) and laptops within are not signed out in full. Is there an automated way to manage the sign out process using Google Apps? It would work to have a resource calendar for each cart...but how about each laptop? One teacher might want only 10 laptops, and it's sad to see the other 26 idle that whole period. I guess I can create a shared workbook where teachers can enter their names under each laptop...but that's not automated. Any ideas? Thanks!

Is the Acer C720 Chromebook available from DOE/FAMIS as a touch screen?

Is the Acer C720 Chromebook available from DOE/FAMIS as a touch screen?
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