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I wonder if I am the only one who thinks it more than strange to see this and being told there is no accounting for on how this money (over $143'000, mind you) was spent?
This definitely needs better answers #Kubuntu  

Just went to see T2: Trainspotting, really worth it.
Beware, though: you need to have seen the first film to really be able to appreciate this one.
And of course: if you really don't understand the scottish accent: don't you dare and watch a dubbed movie, subtitles is the only acceptable compromise, here :-)
#T2 #Trainspotting2

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If you voted for the President because you believe in fiscal conservatism, you should be furious that your tax dollars are going to build a wall that will have zero impact on the effects of immigration.
If you hate the left because of "Political Correctness," you need to be asking yourself if you're okay with the President censoring communications from MULTIPLE government organizations like the National Park Service, the EPA and more.
If you voted because you hated Secretary Clinton's email server, I expect you to be calling your representatives to ask why Steve Bannon and others continue to use their unsecured personal emails and why your president is still using an unsecured Android device.
If you believe that fertilized eggs are people but refugee children are not, you need to stop acting like your concerns are religious.
If you voted because you believed they would better protect you against terrorists, you need to ask yourself why it's okay that your president just took away $130 million in anti-terror funds from New York with his punishment of Sanctuary Cities.
If you are angry that your insurance is too expensive, you should ask why your senators are repealing ACA without a replacement, an action that will leave 20 million people without insurance at all.
If you believe the Clinton Initiative provided unequal treatment to countries that supported their foundation, you should be livid that your president has moved to block visas from Muslim countries like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, but not places where he has business ties like Egypt, Qatar, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
This is an opportunity to prove that you voted for the reasons you told me you did. I am taking you seriously, I am taking you literally.
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Very good article, but it needs to be read in its totality, not just the headlines. Yes, folks, in these dire times it is important to go deeper than the surface, but shouldn't this always be the case? Don't forget to follow the links, especially to the New Yorker interview of Philip Roth: 

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What happened in 1933 Germany should not be allowed to happen again, ever!

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Great directors don't need more than a toothpick to direct :-)

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