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10 June 17 - 7 (00) Up
On 7 June 17, there was a very brief mid-week sighting of an Elegant Tern on the Eastern side of Hayling Island, Hampshire, but so brief that only a handful of locals managed to connect. Searches the following day proved negative, but then another tantalisi...

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2 July 17 - Still in the Summer Doldrums
In an earlier post, I mentioned I had gone looking for White Admirals in the Nature trail woods at Littlesea on the Studland patch. Whilst looking I decided to have a quick look at Littlesea. Sadly, the lakes Birdlife of Diving Ducks, Coots & their followin...

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21 May 17 - Green Hairstreak on the Patch
I'm catching up with a backlog of photos from earlier this year & came across this Green Hairstreak photographed at Greenlands Farm on the Studland patch. Greenlands Farm can be a good migrant pocket for Wheatears, Whinchats & Warblers and has produced some...

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9 July 17 - A Recent Dorset Immigrant
In 1999, the first Small Red-eyed Damselfly appeared in Essex from Europe. As with the Estuary accent, it has continued to spread out from there. Unlike the unpleasant accent, Small Red-eyed Damselflies are a welcome addition to Dorset's still water lakes &...

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9 July 17 - Brown Hawker
I've struggled to get good photos of Brown Hawkers in the past. Partly, as they don't seem to be around the Studland area where I obvious spend most of my local time Birding. But they are reasonably common at Longham Lakes, but have always been very active....

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9 July 17 - Scarlet Fever
Every summer we get a few days of sunshine with rising temperatures & Britain ends up in meltdown with everybody desperately heading to the coast or some nearby park to sunbathe. If I am going out, I try to get out early & then either find some sheltered wo...

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2 July 17 - Summer Doldrums
Since the late spring, the local Birding has been very quiet, apart from the excitement over the Elegant Tern . I've been cracking on with dull jobs around the house & garden, especially gardening. With the prospect of another day of gardening this weekend,...

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25 Feb 17 - Getting The Hump
Checking the pager services on Thurday evening produced an unexpected message of a Humpback Whale being seen off Slapton Ley in Devon in late afternoon, with it still being there at dusk. Over the last decade I have heard of a few sightings in the UK, but r...

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22 Dec 16 - Happy Christmas 2016
Just a quick seasonal photo to wish all the readers of the Blog a Happy Christmas & good break leading up to the New Year. In case any of you think a photo of a Peacock Butterfly isn't particularly seasonal, then I took this in the sunshine at Studland's Br...

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18 Dec 16 - An Early Christmas Present (From The BOU)
This is the time of the year when the BOU often announce changes to the British List, but this year following the disbanding of the Taxonomic Sub Committee , I hadn't been expecting any interesting announcements. So I was a bit suprised to see an announceme...
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