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Shout out to bostonians - hamster on wheels!

I’m in Cambridge till Apr 3rd (8 days), so shout ( if you’d fancy a beer and/or a chat’n'hack on hamster and hamster graphics!

Next stop – pycon in Montreal and then Edinburgh.

Looking for usage patterns!

Hello peepses,  i want your hamster database!

I promise not to share it with anyone, including your employer, NSA, and the underwater yetis.

If you would be willing to help out, then please simply grab the hamster.db file in ~/.local/share/hamster-applet/ and send it to me at

This is part of my long term aim of giving you usable insights based on your tracking habits, and by providing your data, you will be helping me to create interface that works also for you.

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Autocomplete will now look at last 30 days and do a bit of recency / frequency ranking, to also include tags. The assumption is that you keep doing the same things with same tags.

Would be interested in hearing how it works for you.

To try the autocomplete, run it in experiments: (python

Or try out in master (the edit screen has issues right now, most notoriously - good like trying to add a new fact in some day that is not today - HA!)

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Bit like a shipload of bullets and ported hamster over to gtk3. On my way also revisited the overview that will now be merging with the "standalone" window. 

The base parity is now in and good for trying out, instructions here:

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Pushed out 1.04 today - a minor release that incorporates most of the contributed bugfixes.

Download here:

And, oh wow - the time sure flies - the last minor release was a year ago!

As for the maintainer hunt - there have been a few volunteers, and i'd like to thank them for initiative, but none have panned out so far. Looks like i should spend some time to bring it to a more easier takeover state (migrate to gtk3 and whatnot). Then again - worksforme, so, do it yourself :)

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+Astrobob Merhebi  had a question:

"Is it possible to somehow import or add data from another time tracking software to hamster's database?

I am asking since when away from my laptop I use the Andoid app Timesheet (

The exported csv from the app lists the items a bit differently than those in hamster's exported tsv. But is there a possibility to combine such data in hamster?"

Here's the answer:
the python wrapper is simple enough, i've created a quick annotated example

now, for the other end - python csv module is your friend

as i haven't seen the timesheet's tsv file i wouldn't know what is the level of compatibility - some time trackers pretend that one can do many things at once :)

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