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Tape backups.... What's a good option? Looking at backup schemes, and wondering if it's worth it.

For example, I'm seeing a Sony LTO-6 with 6.25 TB for $30 on amazon. Is that typical? Things I should stay clear from?

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Anyone ever make 3d printed drive trays and mounts for said trays before for 3.5" drives? If not, I'm off to a project...and will share my results of course!

Odd request, which google and amazon have been surprisingly unhelpful for:

Anyone know where I can find an adapter foor 1) mini sata power to 2) floppy power?

I am replacing a slim CD drive with a hard drive bay, which surprisingly needs the 4 pin floppy power connector. I'm ok with a multi-adapter solution, but space is pretty tight in my case.

Just realized FFMPEG can stream too, in addition to transcode and record...

Is there anything this gem can't do??

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fyi, to those who were following Steve Gibson's network changes:

Just found an 8 port managed switch for $30....I'll be testing it and let you all know if it works well!

I want to carry around a core suite of applications and ssh keys on a flashdrive at school, but there's no way I'm leaving keys on an unencrypted drive.

I have a pretty firm grasp of the concepts and even the math of crypt (I've even taken classes that covered it), but outside of TLS, I haven't used it "in the real world."

Anyone know of a good solution that can encrypt/decrypt a folder on a drive that runs on both windows and linux?

How bad of an idea is it to nginx proxy to a server that is 30ms away from the proxy? Looking to get some load balancing on the cheap, and I need to keep the primary server on digital ocean for uptime, but I have a high power server (8 cores, 24gb ram) that is free to me, but it's 30 ms away from DO and in someone's house so I don't want to rely on it 100% (it's on a 1 gbps connection so bandwidth isn't an issue).

My first thought was to setup an NGINX proxy so that all the requests go to the DO datacenter and then assuming the powerful remote server is online, send requests there instead of to my small VM.

Anyway to give my 40k hits/day site a little better performance...


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Not sure how I feel about this...

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Gotta love those classic Linksys routers. I almost got one to put ddwrd on. Only $6 a pop!
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