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                       NEWS FROM CANADA


In the recent days there is an increase in hostile comments on people from India as well as kidnapping and killing of Indian people type appearances.  Some of the hostile comments are, “East Indians are taking jobs, more of them are coming into the country, as well as Asians will take over Canada, the population of India and China is rising, that brown and black people are ugly and they are now slaves, black man is not intelligent and therefore he must do labor jobs, now East Indians must come to the Soup Kitchen, etc, etc”. 

What was so glorifying about the Slave Era?  In the Slave Era, slaves were treated as non-human beings and whipped, placed in boiling water, 5 year old child’s chest was used as a foot-stool, young females were roped around the chest with arms adducted and dragged around.  In reality, the slave owner and the slaves lost a great deal.

The present kidnapping and missing of human lives, including of East Indian descent AND other races is a continuation of the old history.  History reveals at various times, the Kings, Queens, Emperors etc, based on their perceived fears of loosing their power, envy of others, greed and ego triggered their psychosis and they ordered kidnapping, killing and/or incineration of human brains.  People imitated the actions of lower animals.  The lower animals due to lower form of neocortex practiced “survival of the fittest” which can be seen on the TV’s Discovery Channel but we human beings MUST ACT IN HUMANLY FORM.

WHEREAS, IN REALITY Canadian history depicts how growth in population and economy was done:
(i) an influx of immigrants in large numbers from various parts of Europe as well from around the globe to create a rapid growth of population for development of the country.  This growth in population creates growth in all sectors of economy and correspondingly there is increase in jobs.
(ii) Immigrant population’s growth at present is in response to the current Manitoba’s Nominee Program and the travel of Canadian Representatives to different countries, including India.  They are boldly inviting people to come and settle in Canada with promising opportunities.
(iii) Each family is expected to bring large sum of money ranging from $10,000.00 and up to help boost the Canadian economy.
(iv)   Today, Canada enjoys the prestigious position on the globe which is not merely the workmanship of few Canadians but result of the endeavors of all people who live here in Canada, including the people of the First Nations.      

And, Canada has never doubted or feared this or that group of people will take over Canada.  Besides, it is a moot point to be concerned as there is a Parliamentary Process governing Canada, wherein at the end of the Politician’s term, the elected individual steps down.  In addition, after conducting verbal survey from thousands of people in Manitoba and Ontario, over the past 7 years, all the different people unanimously indicated, “taking over the country, like Canada can never happen”.  Annexation and conquering of Nations should never be the agenda for any country.

Why should Canadians be concerned about the increase in population in other regions of the world?  This factor does not justify the Predator activity to downsize the population.  Canada embraces Peace and as in the past, must continue to have NO open or veiled interference in foreign countries, so that all countries can have peace.  Some say that there is friction amongst white and colored people which is nothing but man’s focus on color of skin, over and over again but devoid of logic.
Albeit all the facts, including the few mentioned above, Predators have begun to kidnap people of East Indian descent, First Nations and others for purposes of annihilation.  Besides, the current Predator activities do not equal with the qualities and role played by Canada over the past years.  Canada continuously needs broadest and largest democracy.
Nevertheless, IT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO read at the back of the page about THE BEHAVIOUR OF PREDATORS 
(Predators have targeted the Aboriginal race, Brown and Black population, of all ages, from Babies to seniors, both genders). 

Recent events reveal, Predators have grown in number like mushrooms & 10-12 cars, trucks, jeeps and vans, are seen every 8-10 blocks, driving all over the city of Winnipeg and all across Canada, 24 hours.  Also, beware of people saying, “Don’t take predators seriously” & “Don’t instill fear in people”.  Such people are collaborators and supporters of Predators, in action and they want you to walk into the Predators.


1. WHEN WALKING &/or CROSSING THE STREET:  (When walking on the street, avoid listening to Music and pay attention to your surroundings).  Predator vehicle may be parked close to where you are & you will overlook it.  It has been observed that the predator will follow your vehicle, until they find you in a quiet corner.  If  you missed the predator by jumping on the Winnipeg Transit Bus, then the predator will follow the Winnipeg Transit Bus and catch up to you, when you get off the Bus.
(i)    Predator vehicle will creep close to you and offer you a free ride and food.
(ii)   If, you refused the ride and jumped on the Transit Bus – you may think, you are safe but the Predator hides from you and follows your Transit Bus and will catch up with you at the point of getting off the Bus.  He awaits for an opportunity while you are on your foot walk to grab/jump on you and drag you into his vehicle.    
(iii)   Predator may approach you &/or grab your arm and say, on the street “I know you.  We have met before”.  “Honey let us go to Giant Tiger (or any other store) for shopping”.
(iv)   Young girl of approximate 8 years old was held by one arm and one leg and taken to the vehicle. 
(v)   When crossing the street - Be on the alert as Predator Vehicles prowling around the area have been noted to make wide angle turns or come diagonally drive in your direction, in an attempt to hit you and get you on the floor. 

2. PUBLIC PLACES:  (like Food Courts, Shopping/Grocery Malls, Bars, Social Gathering, Public Video Play Stations & any other similar places)
(i)   Young men are noted to keep young females busy in conversations until late hours and then offer a “safe walk” to their home.  But these females go missing along their “safe walk”.
(ii)  Churches/Other religious places:  It has been observed that there is Predator activity even in the Churches & it appears these places are connected to Predators. 
(iii)  School going children - Parents need to take more responsibility in taking and picking up children from School as some children are noted to not return home from School. 
(iv)  Walking a Friend or Relative to the Bus Stop – Predator is watching you AND will attempt to make a quick move to grab you, on your way back home.
(v)  Group outing with family/friends – may suddenly get interrupted and you are walking solo on the street.  This poses you with the danger of having an encounter with the Predator.     
(vi)  At The Bars:  Predators are preying on men and women.  When people leave the bar in an intoxicated state, predator(s) will creep behind you to get an opportunity to grab and drag you into their vehicle
(VII)   Predator Vehicle will follow your vehicle – Predator will tackle you in various different ways

3.   YOUTH AND CHILDREN DROP-IN CENTRES/PARKS/SWIMMING POOLS – These places expose children to the Predators.  Predator activity escalates when there is no transportation to take children home.  Parents must accompany and stay with children during their play time at Drop-in Centers.

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Abhishek Sharma

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 ABOUT RAPES IN INDIA - It appears the West is going to use this as an excuse to attack India AND MAY BE PLANTED AS WELL WITH THE HELP OF INDO CANADIANS.  BE ON THE ALERT.
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