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Bob Vincent

Thanks for the I've stopped putting off writing, I like working with Scrivener, and want to learn more about it. I think I'm only scratching the surface right now.

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My wife's new flowers, straight from the phone, indoor lighting, no retouching.
Photo Chromebook lately seems to have difficulty connecting to Google sites, such as Gmail and G+, yet is as fast as always connecting to other sites. I tried clearing history and cache, but still encounter the lag with Google sites.

Hi all...just found this community, and the associated app, and wondered if there's a beginner's guide somewhere to get started with from ground zero, like a "Watch Maker For Dummies". Thanks in advance!

Here's a question for the fine folks at Contacts+....I've just picked up a Samsing S2 Classic Gear watch, which links to my phone, and smoothly forwards notifications, such as messages. So far, so good. 

However, I've come to find out that the forwarding only works when the Samsung Messages app is set as the default messaging app on the phone. 

Is this something that you anticipate being able to address in a future update, or is it locked in place because the hardware (phone and watch) is all Samsung products? I really like your app, but I also like the message forwarding, so will hope it can be accomplished via Contacts+ at some point.

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This just looks so classy....

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Serious quality for a quick grab shot...he was on my lap and heard something outside, and was taking a look out the window.
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