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Trying to decide on a patent attorney? Keep in mind the same thing that you use to decide on a provider for other services.

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Looking for high-quality patent services at a reasonable cost? Consider this:

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During my twenty plus years of practicing patent law, inventors often ask me:
“Does having a U.S. patent application mean that I am protected?”
In addition, many patent attorneys or firms may advertise by saying “protect” your invention by filing a patent application.
So what “protection” does a U.S. patent application provide?

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Your patent has been infringed by Big Company.
Big Company does substantial business in every state of the United States.
In fact, Big Company does enough business to subject it to personal jurisdiction in every Federal District Court in every state of the United States.
Where can you sue Big Company for patent infringement?

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During my more than 20 years of practicing patent law, many individual inventors have come to me to assert that their U.S. patent has been infringed.
The first thing I want to know is: do they actually have a U.S. patent?

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One of the biggest frustrations inventors have with the U.S. patent system is the often lengthy amount of time it takes to get a U.S. patent. Is there any way to speed up the process?

Yes, there are several ways that an inventor may be able to make the patenting process go faster. Most, if not all, of these ways, will require the inventor to spend more money. However, some of these ways may require little or no extra fees.

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Individual inventors and small companies are always concerned about the cost of obtaining patent protection. Some patent attorneys attempt to assuage these worries by advertising “flat” or “fixed” fees for patent services. However, generally, if the fee is “fixed” then the service will be “fixed” also.

What does this mean?

It means that patent attorneys are not going to spend an unlimited amount of time on your patent application for a fixed fee.  Therefore, they may limit the amount of time they will spend, by, for example, limiting the number of drawings, the number of drafts... Read more:
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