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Welcome to the official G+ page for Wong Fu Productions! We'll be sharing more with you all soon through this channel.
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Hey guys.  Love the videos.  You guys have actually inspired me make some videos as well.  Hopefully I'll be able to meet you guys in person some day. 
Are we the only ones using Google+
u should head over to the east coast :) (preferably baltimore MD ;D)
you should update more on G+ =)
whooo! hopefully my friends and i will get to go to isa this year and actually meet you guys :]
was there for the Live Test Chat! lol :P (whoops, i mean there was no chat....)
Russ D
awww when's the live stream?
i missed the live stream of the hangout D:
So, what do you call your fans? Lady Gaga calls her fans Monsters. Maybe "Name Our Fans" could be your next contest?
Welcome to Google+ guys! :D It's too quiet here though... :))
It's about time! J/k.

You know this will be the new FB in a year or two right? ^_^
how does this only have 37 comments
Hey there guys at Wong Fu! Only joined Google+ for hangout updates... Not even 100% sure of what it is, but seems like fun! 
Ada Ada
Hi Guys :) greetings from Poland :)
my birthday is coming up soonnnn!!!!!!!!!!
hey guys another google hangouts pleaasseee;;
Nobody uses Google+, I feel bad for them
.....I Just Like How You Make Your Toys That You Give Away And How You Guys Make Your Videos In YouTube Keep Up The Great Work=P
I don't see why you guys like aren't on TV you guys have some thing I really don't think any one has I love all the things you guys do. Your videos are awesome, plus you guys are so funny. :) Wong Fu For life!
OMG.  you guys are so inspirational and i love you guys to death!  i wish you would get more subscribers!  <3
Hi guys,
you're doing  a good job**************************
congrats on your 100th wong fu weekends+10 year anniversary!! :) :) wong fu for lyfe!
An Hong
Wong Fu is the bestestestestest!!!
I love u Wong fu and I think Wes is cute 
An Hong
No way, Phil is so much better!
Bryan T
Bryan T
but guys do anymore wfw?
Hi every one,
y're doing amazing job, carry on ( ^_^.
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