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Once Upon a Time Season 5b
Once Upon a Time or fondly called OUAT is back after its hiatus. Season 5 has seen a lot, and I am not surprised to see that it has reached a season 5; I am still fixed and I am beyond excited that there will be a season 6! I am not 100% sold on all the wri...

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AKA Jessica Jones Review
So I just finished binge watching all episodes, yes all (over the course of 3 days and breaks in-between, but still). I really enjoyed it, and I really enjoyed all the actors I saw within the show as well. Rachel Taylor is amazing at playing the best friend...

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Variant Series Book #3: Review
  Jena Leigh has done it again with her third book in the Variant Series aptly titled Redux. If you love sci-fi/fantasy then this book has it all. Powers (check), time travel (check), strong characters (check), villains (yep). Your emotions will fluctuate a...

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The Indigo Stone
Simone Snaith, as I have stated before is an amazing writing ( check out her books ). So when I heard about her next installment I knew I had to read it. It did not disappoint in the least. (buy the book here ) The Indigo Stone is about a young girl named E...

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OUAT (Once Upon a Time)
                             (photo found via google search: not up to date) Grimm mixed with Disney? Yes please. This show has become my greatest
obsession since it aired (along with a few other lovely shows). There are so many
reasons I am drawn to this...

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Scott Andrew Moffatt has made a name for himself.  As one-fourth of the band The Moffatts he has seen fame and success, with hits such as Miss You Like Crazy and Bang Bang Boom .
When the band decided to call it quits for personal reasons his dream
of mus...

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Years in the Making…Changes…
I love how much writing I've been doing and though some parts are a bit shaky, I'm okay with that, for now. I've also come up with trying to decide whether to make my novel an actual novel or splitting up into a novella. Both are great, but ultimately its u...

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Poem: From the Archives
I have been musing over the idea of putting up stories, poems, lyrics; that I have been put on the back burner and slowly put into old archives to be pulled back up to be re-worked, or just looked at. I am a self-described pack rat of pictures and old writt...

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Music & Writing
Why does music and writing seem to pair perfectly together? Every author seems to have their own soundtrack to each book, and I am constantly eager to hear the picks they choose. Almost like a full on movie (I cannot be the only one that while reading a goo...

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My BF (But We're Different)
BF can stand for boyfriend and best friend, although a lot of people use BFF for friend. To have a best friend forever to me means you need to have had the best friend for most of your lifetime and consider them until old age. Maybe I'm wrong…I often times ...
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