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Writer. Filmmaker. Entrepreneur.
Writer. Filmmaker. Entrepreneur.

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For affordable wedding videography, check out 2Bridges Weddings.

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Great article on how to reduce carcinogens in barbecued meat. We all want to enjoy the great American BBQ, but please make sure you do it in a safe way. Be mindful of following proper fire safety measures. Prep your meat properly and cook thoroughly so you don't get sick from undercooked meat. For more tips on safe BBQ grilling and cooking, check out my site:

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The best way to get your wedding photographer and videographer to get along is to hire from the same company. Check out 2Bridges for complete wedding videography and photography coverage:

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I share my thoughts on how to make outdoor barbecue parties on a budget. Memorial Day, which is seen as the traditional beginning of the summer, is just around the corner.

That means (weather permitting) backyard barbecue parties every weekend. Beer, beer and lots of beer and of course hot dogs and prime rib! However, you can't make awesome steaks and burgers without the right tools.

Make sure to check out my Medium article to learn about ways to save on your parties and make amazing barbecues in your backyard!

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In part 4 of our series on "How to Make a Movie," we cover the role of the film director. The film director is probably the most important person to the movie. It is through his or her eyes that the picture really comes to life.

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If you’re interested in learning more about affordable wedding videography prices in NYC and how you can get cinematic highlights of your special day, check us out here:

It was definitely an honor to capture Mandee’s and Nick’s wedding on April 22, 2017. The wedding ceremony and reception took place at:

It’s a great NYC wedding venue and has 31 positive reviews on Google. The actual wedding took place in the back of the restaurant, where there was ample seating for about 80 guests. It was a cloudy day and even rained as the wedding progressed, but thankfully, it did not rain during the wedding ceremony.

And what a beautiful ceremony it was! The bridesmaids and grooms made their entrance, using the song “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (Ingrid Michelson Version).
The bride Mandee chose this song as her entrance song, and it’s the song in the wedding highlight video:

“Yours” – Ella Henderson

The reception had amazing food from the esteemed chefs at the My Kitchen. They specialize in clever Italian dishes, and the guests had their fill with fine Chianti, cheeses, and fruit to start with. Then the appetizers were followed up with pasta, roast beef, exotic salads and of course, more wine!

The couple chose a nice song entitled “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles. Mandee’s father and Mandee danced to “My Girl” by the Temptations. Finally, Nick’s mother and Nick danced to “A Song for My Son” by Mikki Viereck.

It was an incredible wedding, and we at 2Bridges enjoyed filming this wedding highlight video. The song, chosen by Mandee herself, was a perfect choice.

Combined with the stunning wedding videography captured in this idyllic NYC setting, it wasn’t hard to craft together a cinematic wedding highlight video.

Congratulations to Nick and Mandee Padilla!

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This How-To is designed to help readers and first time screenwriters format a screenplay who do not have access to screenwriting software such as Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter.

The mentioned software is highly recommended (I use both of them) but if you simply cannot get your hands on it for one reason or another it is important to know how to properly format a screenplay. Additionally, Microsoft Word or another word processor can be used for screenwriting.

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Wood pellet grills are a must for any backyard. With summer right around the corner, it's time to dust off those grills for some backyard BBQ fun in the sun. If you don't have any grills in your garage, then you've certainly have been missing out. There's nothing more American than having a grilled corn on the cob to start off your Memorial Day BBQ or July 4th weekend. Then follow it up with juicy steaks and good 'ol American hot dogs. The best type of grill is certainly the Traeger. The company has been around for more than three decades and they are as American as ketchup and mustard on a grilled hot dog and bun. So definitely check this out if you don't have a grill. it's definitely a must for any serious eater in 2017.

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Everywhere one turns these days, they hear the term lifestyle photography. Have you wondered what the deal is with it and why is it worth it?

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Here are some tips to have a low-key evening with friends and family while grilling out some tasty BBQ chicken, fried potatoes, vegetables and great steaks with a Traeger grill.

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